New Interactive News, Social Site Connects the Western World With the Middle East

By Global Voice Hall Inc., PRNE
Monday, November 21, 2011

WASHINGTON, November 22, 2011 -

Live-Web Programming, Video/Comment Sharing Features Aim to Increase Cultural Understanding and Tolerance


Wednesday, November 23 marks the launch of Global Voice Hall, Inc. (GVH) - - an international effort to unite young people in the western world and Middle East through social media, expert commentary, in-depth analysis on world events and access to prominent journalists. Working with nonprofits, university groups and think tanks across the U.S, Europe and Middle East, the membership-driven site was created to foster international relationships that yield greater cultural understanding. 

The concept of Global Voice Hall comes from a group of individuals that saw the need to promote open dialogue, broaden perspectives and facilitate understanding throughout the West and Middle East; GVH is not affiliated with any government, country or political party.

GVH’s regular, live-streaming interactive web event, Pangaea, will kick off November 23 at 1 PM Eastern, from American University in Cairo.  Panelists from the region will discuss the Arab spring and what it means for Egypt’s future.

Pangaea events scheduled throughout 2011 include; Dubai on November 28, Turkey on December 7, and Libya on December 14.  In 2012, GVH will launch in the U.S. with Pangaea’s inaugural event taking place at Harvard University in January. GVH registered users can pose questions to panelists via Twitter, Facebook and

The primary language of GVH is English, however, all events will offer Arabic language translation and users can comment in their desired language.

About GVH

Global Voice Hall (GVH) - - is a free, membership-driven, web-based social news forum created to promote understanding between the West and Middle East through open dialogue.  Targeting 18-30 year olds, GVH’s live programming and regular web-cast segments provides regular opportunities for individuals to broaden their understanding of current issues while expressing their beliefs.

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