Tesco Real Food Reveals French Food Becomes UK's Fastest Growing Cuisine

By Tesco Real Food, PRNE
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CHESHUNT, England, March 3, 2011 - Tesco Real Food has revealed that French food has become the fastest-
growing cuisine in the UK.

In the last year, volume sales of French ready-made meals and desserts
from all retailers have grown by 16 per cent, according to independent retail
analysts Kantar Worldpanel (Jan 2011).

At Tesco the growth is even higher - rising at 27 per cent year on year -
and the demand has prompted the supermarket to launch its first ever
dedicated range called French Classics.

In that time it has seen the following volume sales rises for French

    - Chicken Chasseur - 226 per cent
    - Steak Diane - 32 per cent
    - Coq au Vin - 34 per cent
    - Steak au Poivre - 37 per cent
    - Salmon en Croute - 73 per cent
    - Tarte Au Citrons - 82 per cent

Tesco food (www.tescorealfood.com/) developer Stephanie Bacon, who
helped create the French Classic range, said: "French food has never been
more popular in Britain than it is right now and that may seem unusual given
the tough economic times because it's a cuisine which has always been
perceived as being expensive.

"However, with less money to eat our shoppers have been treating
themselves to upmarket dishes at home in order to replicate the restaurant
dining experience in their own homes.

"We initially saw sales soar after the launch of our Restaurant
Collection - which features several French dishes - two years ago and decided
to create a dedicated range in the autumn which is outperforming all

The top five fastest growing cuisines in the UK are French (16 per cent),
Chinese food (www.tescorealfood.com/recipes/inspiration/chinese-recipes.html )
(15 per cent), British (6.7 per cent), Italian (6.6 per cent) and Tex-Mex (3.2
per cent).

Tesco is already planning to add to its French range in the spring with
Beef Bourguignon, Chicken Diane and Crab Gratin being added. The dishes were
created by chefs who have worked in restaurants which have been awarded
Michelin Stars. Tesco Real Food also features a number of French recipes
including classic French remoulade (www.tescorealfood.com/recipes/cuisines/french-recipes.html),
for anyone who wants to try their hand at creating a dish of their own.

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