The 15th Edition of the Largest Floating Christmas Tree in the World, the Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree, Now on Display in Rio de Janeiro

By Bradesco Seguros, PRNE
Saturday, December 4, 2010

RIO DE JANEIRO, December 5, 2010 - The Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree, according to the Guinness Book of
Records is the largest floating Christmas tree in the world, has been
adorning the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon since 1996. It is a picture perfect
site in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is now on display for its 15th straight
year. With this year's theme "A Story of Reunions," the Christmas Tree is
one of the three largest events in Rio de Janeiro, together with Carnival and
New Year's Eve.


The Tree was inaugurated this Saturday, December 4, during a spectacular
event open to the public and attended by world class Brazilian singers
including Milton Nascimento, Simone and Ivan Lins. Starting this Sunday and
running through Epiphany on January 6, the largest floating Christmas tree in
the world will be lit up daily at 7:30 pm.

The tree has a total of fifteen sequential patterns of lights and colors
illuminated by 105 kilometers of lighted strands, 3.3 million miniature bulbs
and 2,100 strobes that simulate twinkling stars. The overall effect is
reproduced on a structure 85 meters tall, or approximately the same height as
a 28-story building.

"The Tree reaching its 15th year is good reason to be proud. It is a
monument, now part of Brazilians' Christmas and an international benchmark
that conveys peace, harmony and happiness," said Enrique Adan, Marketing
Director for Grupo Bradesco Seguros.

The electricity for the Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree is supplied by
six self-contained biofuel generators, which, at 2,130 kVA capacity of power,
runs simultaneously in order to maintain the overall splendor. The generators
have been certified in accordance with international quality and safety

The inaugural event can be seen in real time on the site, including an English version,
with internet users all over the world able to view details of the largest
floating Christmas tree in the world and the beautiful Rodrigo de Freitas
Lagoon - all of this thanks to the use of 3D on Flash AS3.

The site also has 360 degree photos with views from within the Tree as
well as outside, and a look back at prior editions, with photos and videos
enabled for social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Delicious).

Internet users can capture an image of the Bradesco Seguros Christmas
Tree from any angle of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and send it as a virtual
postcard, front and back included. News, agenda and photo download are
available for everyone. iPhone, iPad and Android applications are addressed
in the "Entertainment" section.

    More information:
    Grupo Bradesco Seguros
    Telephone: +55-21-2503-1808/ +55-21-2503-1706
    Cell: +55-21-9971-2379

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