to Serve as the Highly Engaged Creative Outlet for Aspiring Artists, Video Editors and Music Aficiandos Alike

By Encounter Technologies Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, December 1, 2010


NEW YORK, December 2, 2010 - will make its premier as the ultimate online destination
for video editors, music enthusiasts and aspiring artists alike, creating an
innovative platform that will allow members to seamlessly upload, edit, and
promote music video content with groundbreaking user-friendly editing tools.
MusicMatrix, born from the genius of its parent company, Encounter
Technologies Inc. (Pink Sheets: ENTI), will solidify itself as the leading
online interactive destination for the global music video editing community.
Breaking historic precedence with its unique, cutting-edge editing
applications, MusicMatrix is the only site to provide exclusive footage
within a fertile environment. Members are encouraged to create in an
increasingly dynamic way with the tools to professionally edit music videos,
along with the opportunity to purchase over 7 million songs. The site will
contain exclusive content from artists across all genres including Christian,
Gospel, R&B, Rap, Country and Pop. Basic membership is Free; however,
Advanced and Master Memberships are obtainable and include enhanced features.
MusicMatrix will fast become a positioned alley of the record and film
industries creating mutually beneficial cross collaborative synergies that
maximizes the artist's recordings and expands their audience. While providing
the opportunity to garner income, MusicMatrix members will gain recognition
and praise from prominent figures within the music and creative industries as
through upcoming contests.

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"While there are other existing sites that capitalize on the utilization
of music videos, what makes MusicMatrix unique is its fully integrated social
community, which is engaged by the ability to promote" stated by Anthony
, CEO of Encounter Technologies. "Our revolutionary business model was
created to fill a void, providing users and artists alike with an expressive
platform for their creative visions. Aspiring artists are presented with the
opportunity to promote their work at no cost and engage potential fans, while
subscribers are given the incentive to earn revenue and use the platform of
MusicMatrix as a message vehicle through which they may illustrate and
perfect their own unique skills for editing."

MusicMatrix's progressive technology allows users to effortlessly combine
multiple layers of video and audio to create custom music videos from
exclusive content appealing to the novice as much to the expert. The
user-friendly, yet advanced capabilities of the editing features makes
MusicMatrix a haven for video editors, granting them access to the latest in
editing software, allowing subscribers to create individual works of art to
be shared with other MusicMatrix members, popular social networking sites
such as Facebook or Twitter and anywhere on the world-wide-web where their
creative expression can be heard.

Music Matrix provides a creative environment where the user can develop
self-motivated sharp, visual masterpieces using exclusive video footage from
their favorite artists allowing fans and music enthusiasts to embed their own
musical handprint on the video platform. MusicMatrix also offers video
editing contests. The first of which launches December 2, spotlighting
Maino's hot new single Retaliate and will allow eager members to view the
artist's latest creation and compose their own masterpieces using
MusicMatrix's burgeoning library of video clips from the actual shoot. A
revolving panel of celebrities and industry insiders will judge each
contestant's video creation to determine who will take home the first and
second place prizes which are comprised of music and technology related
devices such as a 50" Flat Screen Samsung High Definition Television, a HP
laptop, and Sony PS3 MOVE Bundle. In addition, members are granted the
opportunity to not only develop creatively, but can generate income as they
promote individual videos through the referral of new subscribers.


Providing distinctly unique features that allow never before achieved
synergy between artists and members, MusicMatrix is the only place where
dynamic and creative minds can gain access to the most revolutionary video
editing technology. MusicMatrix is an online platform which allows aspiring
artists, video editors, and music fans worldwide to seamlessly upload, edit,
and premier video content with its groundbreaking user-friendly editing
tools. MusicMatrix also serves as a rapidly expanding social network where
members can engage with their favorite artists and create custom videos from
exclusive content of highly sought after musicians. Basic membership is free;
however, Advanced and Master Memberships are obtainable and include enhanced
features. MusicMatrix will provide its members with the opportunity to garner
income, as well as gain recognition from celebrities and prominent figures
within the music and creative industries.

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Marvet Britto, The Britto Agency, +1-212-977-6774

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