‘The Global Airborne ISR Market in 2011 Amounted to $17.3bn.’ Says Visiongain Report

By Visiongain, PRNE
Monday, October 3, 2011

LONDON, October 4, 2011 -


Visiongain’s latest defence report, The Airborne ISR Market 2011-2021, finds a sector that must cope in an era of defence spending cuts but which is also expected to see robust demand as it is deemed essential to military operations. Visiongain assesses that the global airborne ISR market in 2011 amounted to $17.3bn.

The US continues to account for a large part of global airborne ISR spending and, although its share will decline slightly, it is expected to continue being the leading market over the next decade. A number of countries in Europe remain key markets despite some spending cuts. Outside of Western countries, many of which are reducing or freezing defence spending,  countries in Asia and the Middle East are expected to increase spending on airborne ISR..

The airborne ISR market faces its own set of challenges but the capabilities it provides are important enough for the sector to continue to receive priority funding in many cases. This report examines the airborne ISR market over the next decade, providing detailed market forecasts for each of the leading national markets and at the local level. This report will describe how the airborne ISR market is likely to unfold over the next decade given current constraints along with country plans and needs.

This report is packed with 288 tables, charts and graphs that show key trends in the airborne ISR market. At the global level and for 20 leading national markets, Visiongain provides forecasts for the period 2011-2021 in terms of value (US$) for total sales, four key submarkets - airborne early warning (AEW), airborne ground surveillance (AGS), maritime patrol (MP), and signals intelligence (SIGINT). Visiongain also provides forecasts in terms for new systems and upgrades, as well as for manned systems and unmanned systems.

This visiongain defence report, The Airborne ISR Market 2011-2021, will be valuable to those currently involved in or want to take part in this important defence sector.

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Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
1.1 Key Drivers and Restraints
1.2 Highlights of the Report
1.3 Methods
1.4 The Global Airborne ISR Market 2011-2021
1.5 Airborne ISR Submarkets 2011-2021
1.6 Leading National Airborne ISR Markets 2011-2021

2. Introduction to the Airborne ISR Market
2.1 Critical Force Multipliers
2.2 Submarkets by Role
2.2.1 Airborne Early Warning (AEW)
2.2.2 Airborne Ground Surveillance (AGS)
2.2.3 Maritime Patrol (MP)
2.3.4 Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
2.3 Manned and Unmanned Systems

3. Overview of the Global Airborne ISR Market
3.1 Key Airborne ISR Submarkets
3.1.1 Airborne Ground Surveillance
3.1.2 Maritime Patrol
3.1.3 Airborne Early Warning
3.1.4 Signals Intelligence
3.2 AGS Leads Submarkets; Maritime Patrol to Show Strong Growth
3.3 New Acquisitions Dominate
3.4 Manned Systems Lead Even as Unmanned Systems Rise
3.5 Leading Airborne ISR National Markets

4. Leading National Airborne ISR Markets
4.1 US Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.2 Significant US Airborne ISR Programmes: Airborne Early Warning (AEW)
4.2.1 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye
4.2.2 E-3 Sentry AWACS
4.2.3 Part of NATO E-3A Component
4.2.4 Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor (JLENS)
4.3 Significant US Airborne ISR Programmes: Airborne Ground Surveillance (AGS)
4.3.1 E-8C Joint STARS
4.3.2 Armed Aerial Scout
4.3.3 OH-58F Kiowa Warrior Upgrades
4.3.4 RQ-4 Global Hawk HALE UAV
4.3.5 Part of NATO AGS
4.3.6 Global Observer HALE UAV
4.3.7 Zephyr Solar-Powered HALE UAV
4.3.8 Orion HALL
4.3.9 RQ-170 Sentinel Stealthy UAV
4.3.10 Boeing Phantom Eye Project
4.3.11 Unmanned Carrier-Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike (UCLASS)
4.3.12 MQ-9 Reaper MALE UAV
4.3.13 Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Predator B and Coast Guard ‘Guardian’
4.3.14 MQ-1C Gray Eagle MALE UAV
4.3.15 MQ-1 Predator MALE UAV
4.3.16 MQ-SX Future MALE UAV
4.3.17 MQ-X Future MALE UAV
4.3.18 MQ-8B Fire Scout and MQ-8C Fire-X VTOL Naval UAV
4.3.19 MRUAS
4.3.20 RQ-7 Shadow
4.3.21 US Marine Corps Tier II UAS: Integrator
4.3.22 ScanEagle Tactical UAVs
4.3.23 SOCOM Expeditionary UAS
4.3.24 RQ-11B Raven Mini UAV
4.3.25 Puma AE as All-Environment-Capable Variant UAV
4.3.26 Wasp III Mini UAV for AFSOC, Marines
4.3.27 T-Hawk Micro Air Vehicle
4.3.28 Nano Air Vehicle (NAV)
4.3.29 Integrated Sensor is Structure (ISIS) High-Altitude Airship
4.3.30 Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV)
4.3.31 Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID) System
4.3.32 Gorgon Stare
4.3.33 Large Area Coverage Optical Search While Track and Engage (LACOSTE)
4.3.34 Wide Area Airborne Surveillance (WAAS)
4.3.35 Common Sensor Payload (CSP)
4.3.36 ARGUS-IS Small High-Resolution Surveillance System
4.3.37 Hyperspectral Turrets
4.4 Significant US Airborne ISR Programmes: Maritime Patrol (MP)
4.4.1 P-8A Poseidon MPA
4.4.2 P-3C Orion Upgrades
4.4.3 Global Hawk for Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS)
4.4.4 MQ-8B Fire Scout
4.4.5 MQ-8C Fire-X
4.4.6 MRUAS
4.4.7 MRMUAS
4.4.8 Integrator STUAS
4.4.9 ScanEagle
4.4.10 Coast Guard HC-130 Series Maritime Surveillance Aircraft
4.4.11 HC-144A Ocean Sentry Maritime Surveillance Aircraft
4.5 Significant US Airborne ISR Programmes: Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
4.5.1 Enhanced Medium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System (EMARSS)
4.5.2 RC-12X Modernisation
4.5.3 MC-12W Liberty
4.5.4 ASIP for SIGINT on U-2
4.5.5 ASIP for SIGINT on Global Hawk HALE UAVs
4.5.6 ASIP 1C/2C for SIGINT on Predator and Reaper MALE UAVs
4.6 UK Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.7 Significant UK Airborne ISR Programmes
4.7.1 E-3D Sentry AWACS Maintenance and Support
4.7.2 Maritime Aerial Surveillance and Control (MASC)
4.7.3 ASTOR / Sentinel R1
4.7.4 Zephyr HALE UAV
4.7.5 Reaper MALE UAV
4.7.6 BAE-Dassault Telemos Programme
4.7.7 Mantis MALE UAV
4.7.8 Herti MALE UAV
4.7.9 Studies on European Long-Range UAVs
4.7.10 Watchkeeper Tactical UAV
4.7.11 Leased Hermes 450
4.7.12 T-Hawk VTOL Mini UAV
4.7.13 Desert Hawk III Mini UAV
4.7.14 Nimrod MRA4 Scrapped and Possible Replacement
4.7.15 AW101 Maritime
4.7.16 AW159 ‘Lynx Wildcat’ SCMR and BRH
4.7.17 Unmanned Civil Maritime Surveillance
4.7.18 RC-135 Rivet Joint SIGINT
4.8 Indian Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.9 Significant Indian Airborne ISR Programmes
4.9.1 A-50I Phalcon AEW
4.9.2 EMB-145 Erieye AEW&C
4.9.3 Solar-Powered HALE UAV
4.9.4 Rustom-H MALE UAV
4.9.5 Heron MALE UAV
4.9.6 Armed MALE UAV
4.9.7 Searcher II Tactical UAV
4.9.8 Nishant and Gagan Tactical UAVs
4.9.9 Rustom-1 Tactical UAV
4.9.10 Pawan Tactical UAV
4.9.11 Possible Interest in Small VTOL UAVs
4.9.12 Small UAV Requirement
4.9.13 P-8I Long-Range Maritime Patrol
4.6.14 Indian Mid-Tier Maritime Patrol Aircraft
4.9.15 Possible Interest in Global Hawk BAMS
4.10 Chinese Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.11 Significant Chinese Airborne ISR Programmes
4.11.1 KongJing-2000
4.11.2 KongJing-200
4.11.3 Y-8 with Rotodome Radar
4.11.4 WJ-600 HALE UAV
4.11.5 Xianglong HALE UAV
4.11.6 Yi-Long MALE UAV
4.11.7 Pterodactyl MALE UAV
4.11.8 ASN-229 Tactical UAV
4.11.9 ASN-209 Tactical UAV
4.11.10 CH-3 Tactical UAV
4.11.11 CH-803 Tactical UAV
4.11.12 SH-1 Tactical UAV
4.11.13 Night Eagle Tactical UAV
4.11.14 W-50 Tactical UAV
4.11.15 V-750 Tactical UAV
4.11.16 U8E VTOL Tactical UAV
4.11.17 ASN-15 Small UAV
4.11.18 CH-802 Small UAV
4.11.19 Whirlwind Scout Small UAV
4.11.20 Y-9 Maritime Patrol
4.11.21 GaoXin 2 (Y-8-based) ELINT
4.12 South Korean Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.13 Significant South Korean Airborne ISR Programmes
4.13.1 Boeing 737 AEW&C ‘Peace Eye’
4.13.2 Possible Interest in Global Hawk UAV
4.13.3 Locally Developed MALE UAV
4.13.4 Possible Interest in Heron
4.13.5 Division-Level UAVs
4.13.6 Corps-Level UAVs
4.13.7 Night Intruder 300 Tactical UAV
4.13.8 Possible Interest in Hermes 450
4.13.9 Skylark II Tactical UAVs
4.13.10 P-3CK Maritime Patrol
4.13.11 Naval Helicopters: Lynx and Possible Replacements
4.13.12 SIGINT Aircraft
4.14 Australian Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.15 Significant Australian Airborne ISR Programmes
4.15.1 737 AEW&C ‘Wedgetail’
4.15.2 Leased Heron 1 MALE UAVs
4.15.3 Shadow Tactical UAV
4.15.4 ScanEagle Tactical UAV
4.15.5 Skylark Small UAV
4.15.6 Interest in P-8A Poseidon MPA
4.15.7 AP-3C Orion MPA
4.15.8 Sikorsky MH-60R Chosen as Naval Helicopter
4.15. 9 Customs Coastwatch Programme
4.16 Japanese Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.17 Significant Japanese Airborne ISR Contracts
4.17.1 E-767 AWACS
4.17.2 Possible Interest in Global Hawk HALE UAV
4.17.3 Local Development of HALE UAV
4.17.4 Small Unmanned Helicopters
4.17.5 XP-1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft
4.17.6 P-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft
4.17.7 Maritime UAVs for Defence, Coast Guard
4.17.8 SIGINT Aircraft
4.18 French Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.19 Significant French Airborne ISR Programmes
4.19.1 E-3F AWACS Upgrade
4.19.2 Hawkeye 2000 Carrier-Based AEW
4.19.3 Heron TP Selected as Interim MALE UAV
4.19.4 Telemos for OUAS
4.19.5 Talarion MALE UAV
4.19.6 Eagle-1/SIDM MALE UAV
4.19.7 DTIA Tactical UAV Requirement
4.19.8 Sperwer Tactical UAV
4.19.9 Camcopter S100 VTOL UAV for GoWind OPVs
4.19.10 VTOL UAV Trials
4.19.11 Tracker/DRAC Mini UAV
4.19.12 Skylark 1 Small UAV
4.19.13 Wasp III Small UAV
4.19.14 NH90 Naval Helicopters
4.19.15 ELINT Replacement Aircraft
4.20 Turkish Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.21 Significant Turkish Airborne ISR Programmes
4.21.1 NATO E-3A Component Member
4.21.2 737 AEW&C ‘Peace Eagle’
4.21.3 Talarion HALE UAV
4.21.4 Request for GA-ASI Reaper
4.21.5 Heron MALE UAV
4.21.7 Bayraktar Mini UAV
4.21.8 IMINT Systems
4.21.9 ATR 72 ASW Maritime Patrol
4.21.10 Seahawk Maritime Helicopters
4.22 Israeli Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.23 Significant Israeli Airborne ISR Programmes
4.23.1 G550 CAEW
4.23.2 G550 JSTARS-Type Design
4.23.3 Heron TP MALE UAV
4.23.4 Heron 1/Mahatz MALE UAV
4.23.5 Hermes 900 MALE UAV
4.23.6 Hermes 450 Tactical UAV
4.23.7 Searcher Tactical UAV
4.23.8 Skylark 1 LE Mini UAV
4.23.9 Skystar 300 Aerostats
4.23.10 G550 SIGINT
4.24 Italian Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.25 Significant Italian Airborne ISR Programmes
4.25.1 NATO E-3A Component Member
4.25.2 AW101 AEW
4.25.3 Joint Airborne Multisensor Multimission System (JAMMS)
4.25.4 Part of NATO AGS
4.25.5 Reaper MALE UAV
4.25.6 Predator MALE UAV
4.25.7 Sky-Y UAV
4.25.8 Unmanned Reconnaissance Aerial Vehicle (URAV)
4.25.9 Support for European Study on Long-Range UAV
4.25.10 Shadow Tactical UAV
4.25.11 Strix Small UAV
4.25.12 ATR 72 Maritime Patrol
4.25.13 AW101 Maritime Helicopter
4.25.14 NH90 NFH
4.26 German Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.27 Significant German Airborne ISR Programmes
4.27.1 Part of NATO E-3A Component
4.27.2 EuroHawk HALE UAV
4.27.3 Part of NATO AGS
4.27.4 Talarion HALE UAV
4.27.5 Possible Interest in MQ-9 Reaper MALE UAV
4.27.6 Heron 1 MALE UAV
4.27.7 KZO Tactical UAV
4.27.8 Aladin Small UAV
4.27.9 Fancopter VTOL UAV
4.27.10 Mikado VTOL UAV
4.27.11 Maritime Helicopter Programme
4.27.12 Camcopter S100 VTOL UAV
4.28 Russian Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.29 Significant Russian Airborne ISR Programmes
4.29.1 A-50M Mainstay AEW&C
4.29.2 Ansat 2RT
4.29.3 Interest in Heron UAV, Produced With Israel
4.29.4 Searcher II Tactical UAV
4.29.5 I-View MK150 Tactical UAV
4.29.6 Bird Eye 400 Mini UAV
4.29.7 Il-38 Maritime Patrol Aircraft Upgrade or Replacement
4.30 Saudi Arabian Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.31 Significant Saudi Arabian Airborne ISR Programmes
4.31.1 E-3 TASS Upgrades
4.31.2 Possible Future Demand for UAVs
4.31.3 Possible Customer for P-8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft
4.32 Pakistani Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.33 Significant Pakistani Airborne ISR Programmes
4.33.1 ZDK-03
4.33.2 Saab 2000 Erieye
4.33.3 Shadow Tactical UAV
4.33.4 Falco UAV
4.33.5 P-3C Orion
4.33.6 Interest in Maritime UAVs
4.34 Canadian Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.35 Significant Canadian Airborne ISR Programmes
4.35.1 Part of NATO E-3A Component
4.35.2 Part of NATO AGS (Global Hawk)
4.35.4 Heron MALE UAV
4.35.5 Sperwer Tactical UAV
4.35.6 ScanEagle Tactical UAV
4.35.7 Skylark 1 Small UAV
4.35.8 Maverick UAV
4.35.9 CP-140 Aurora MPA Upgrades
4.35.10 CP-140 Aurora MPA Replacement
4.35.10 CH-148 Cyclone Maritime Helicopter Programme
4.36 Singaporean Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.37 Significant Singaporean Airborne ISR Programmes
4.37.1 G550 CAEW
4.37.2 Heron 1 MALE UAV
4.37.3 Hermes 450 Tactical UAV
4.37.4 Searcher II Tactical UAV
4.37.5 Skyblade Series Mini UAV
4.37.6 S-70B Seahawk Helicopters for Formidable-Class Frigates
4.38 Brazilian Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.39 Significant Brazilian Airborne ISR Programmes
4.39.1 EMB-145 Erieye AEW&C
4.39.2 EMB-145 RS/AGS
4.39.3 Heron for Federal Police
4.39.4 UAVs for Brazilian Air Force
4.39.5 Hermes 450
4.39.6 Falcao Tactical UAV
4.39.7 Carcara Small UAV
4.39.8 P-3AM Maritime Patrol
4.39.9 Seahawks
4.40 UAE Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.41 Significant UAE Airborne ISR Programmes
4.41.1 Erieye on Saab 340
4.41.2 Long-Term AEW&C Solution Aircraft
4.41.3 Locally-Designed HALE UAV
4.41.4 Possible Interest in Predator XP
4.41.5 UAV Cooperation Deal with Finmeccanica
4.41.6 Interest in Fire Scout VTOL UAV
4.41.7 Camcopter S100 VTOL UAV
4.41.7 Possible Interest in Korean Tactical UAVs
4.42 Spanish Airborne ISR Market Forecast
4.43 Significant Spanish Airborne ISR Programmes
4.43.1 Part of NATO E-3A Component
4.43.2 Franco-Spanish MALE UAV
4.43.3 EADS ISTAR Modular Advanced UAV Programme
4.43.4 IAI Searcher II Tactical UAV
4.43.5 Atlante Tactical UAV
4.43.6 Pelican VTOL UAV
4.43.7 RQ-11B Raven Small UAV
4.43.8 More Seahawks and Upgrades
4.32.9 SH-3H Sea King Upgrades
4.43.10 UAVs for Anti-Piracy

5. SWOT Analysis of the Airborne ISR Market

6. Expert Opinion
6.1 Telephonics Corporation
6.1.1 Impact of Defence Spending Cuts
6.1.2 Airborne ISR Elements That Will Remain Strong
6.1.3 Concern in Defence Industry Over Budget Cuts
6.1.4 Sources of Growth in Demand for Airborne ISR
6.1.5 Spending on Border Security
6.1.6 Impact of Planned Withdrawal from Afghanistan
6.1.7 Status of Telephonics’ Major Airborne ISR Programmes
6.1.8 Impact of Growing UAV Use on Airborne ISR
6.1.9 Outlook for Airborne ISR Market
6.2 Selex Galileo
6.2.1 Impact of Defence Spending Cuts
6.2.2 Key Submarkets
6.2.3 Growth Drivers
6.2.4 Restraints to Growth
6.2.5 Impact of Growing UAV Use
6.2.6 Shift to Multimission and Unmanned Systems
6.2.7 Key Selex Galileo Airborne ISR Programmes
6.2.8 Demand in Other Regions
6.2.9 Technologies Essential to Future Growth

7. Leading Companies in the Airborne ISR Market
7.1 AAI Corporation
7.1.1 Tactical UAVs
7.1.2 Ground Control Stations (GCS)
7.2 Aeronautics Defense Systems
7.2.1 Unmanned Systems
7.2.2 Turnkey Systems for Manned Aircraft
7.3 AeroVironment Inc
7.3.1 Small UAVs
7.3.2 Stratospheric UAV
7.4 BAE Systems
7.4.1 Manned Systems: Nimrod R1, MR2, MRA4
7.4.2 Unmanned Systems
7.5 Boeing Defense, Space & Security
7.5.1 Manned Systems
7.5.2 Unmanned Systems
7.6 Cassidian (EADS)
7.6.1 Manned Systems
7.6.2 Unmanned Systems
7.7 Controp Precision Technologies
7.7.1 Sensors
7.8 Elbit Systems Ltd
7.8.1 Unmanned Systems
7.9 Elta Systems (IAI)
7.9.1 Radar Systems
7.10 Embraer (Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica SA)
7.10.1 Manned Systems
7.11 FLIR Systems Inc
7.11.1 Sensors
7.12 General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc
7.12.1 Unmanned Systems
7.12.2 Radar Systems
7.12.3 Manned System
7.13 General Dynamics
7.13.1 Software
7.13.2 Ground Control Stations (GCS)
7.14 Goodrich Corporation
7.14.1 Sensors
7.14.2 Ground Control Stations (GCS)
7.15 Hawker Beechcraft
7.15.1 Manned Systems
7.16 Honeywell
7.16.1 Unmanned Systems
7.17 Insitu
7.17.1 Unmanned Systems
7.18 Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
7.18.1 UAVs
7.18.2 Ground Control Stations (GCS)
7.19 Kawasaki Heavy Industries
7.19.1 Manned Systems
7.20 L-3 Communications
7.20.1 Sensors
7.21 Lockheed Martin
7.21.1 Manned Systems
7.21.2 Unmanned Systems
7.21.3 Sensors
7.21.4 Aerostats
7.22 Northrop Grumman Corporation
7.22.1 Manned Systems
7.22.2 Unmanned Systems
7.22.3 Radar Systems
7.22.4 Airborne Signals Intelligence Payload (ASIP)
7.22.5 Sensors
7.23 QinetiQ
7.23.1 Unmanned Systems
7.24 Raytheon Company
7.24.1 Manned Systems
7.24.2 Sensors
7.24.3 Aerostats
7.25 Saab
7.25.1 Radar Systems
7.26 Sagem Défense Sécurité
7.26.1 Unmanned Systems
7.27 Schiebel
7.27.1 Unmanned Systems
7.28 Selex Galileo
7.28.1 Sensors
7.28.2 Ground Control Stations (GCS)
7.28.3 Unmanned Systems
7.29 Telephonics
7.29.1 Radar Systems
7.30 Thales Group
7.30.1 Unmanned Systems

8. Conclusions
8.1 Key Drivers and Restraints
8.2 Global Market
8.3 Key Airborne ISR Submarkets
8.4 New Acquisitions Lead the Way
8.5 Manned Systems Still Key; Unmanned Systems Rise
8.6 Leading National Airborne ISR Markets

9. Glossary

Notes for Editors


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