The International AutoSource Manufacturer-Direct Program Means Direct Savings for Expats Buying a New Car

By International Autosource, PRNE
Monday, June 20, 2011

WOODBURY, New York, June 21, 2011 -

A unique distributor relationship with manufacturers allows
International AutoSource (IAS) to offer expats moving to the U.S.
factory-direct, invoice-based pricing. IAS is a
manufacturer-authorized distributor that offers a
factory-authorized buying program. This eliminates the “middleman”
that exists with internet car-buying services which provide
referrals to local dealerships. As a result, buying through IAS
means expats have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars on a
new vehicle lease or purchase.

Advantages Over Car Dealerships - The IAS
No-Negotiation Price Policy offers set prices that are guaranteed
to be the lowest in the U.S. and the Full Disclosure Policy
promises no hidden costs, with all specifications and options
clearly listed on a written quote. Finally, IAS will help expats
without a U.S. driving history or U.S. credit history secure
low-rate auto insurance and obtain access to leasing and financing
options. A traditional local dealership is simply unable to provide
these critical customer services.

Disadvantages of Using Car Buying Services - Car
Buying Services are designed to generate leads for dealers by
locating vehicles for customers within dealer networks. Their
pricing structure includes mark ups that build profit for the
dealer and the Car Buying Service. Unfortunately for customers, the
savings benefits are minimal and these mark ups are often hidden or
undisclosed. Most Car Buying Services can’t offer finance solutions
to Expats without a credit history. If you find one that does,
beware of the interest rate as it is likely to be exceptionally

The Bottom Line - IAS will enable expats to save
substantial amounts of money on the purchase, financing and
insurance of a new vehicle.

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