Topshop Launches t-shirt to Support Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

By Topshop, PRNE
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LONDON, April 21, 2011 - Topshop is delighted to announce its continued support of charity
initiative Fashion Targets Breast Cancer this year with the launch of a
limited edition t-shirt, available online and instore nationwide.

Topshop has been working with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer since 2005,
producing printed canvas bags and t-shirts each year. Following on from the
success of 2010's 'Love to Love' vest, this year the charity garment will be
a soft jersey t-shirt with the slogan 'Starts with L and ends in E and in the
between are O and V'. The t-shirt comes in white, with the slogan written in
black, apart from the letters which spell out love, which are blue in colour.

Enlisting the help of its friends within the fashion industry, Topshop's
blog 'Inside Out' has photographed fashion heavyweights such as blogger Susie
and stylist Fran Burns wearing the t-shirt in their own unique style to
show their support.

With every purchase of this limited edition slogan t-shirt costing GBP18,
GBP5.40 will be donated to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. In addition, four
styles of friendship bracelets and charity mirrors will also be on sale at
till points nationwide.

Topshop's website also features a section dedicated to its support of
Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, which includes photographs of the fashion
heavyweights wearing the t-shirt, as well as a guide to checking breasts for
signs of breast cancer.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is the flagship fashion campaign of
Breakthrough Breast Cancer, a pioneering charity dedicated to the prevention,
treatment and ultimate eradication of breast cancer. Since the campaign
launched in the UK in 1996, it has raised over GBP10.5 million for
Breakthrough Breast Cancer's vital research, campaigning and education work.

About Topshop:

Topshop was established in 1964 and is part of Arcadia Group Ltd. Sir
Philip Green became owner of Arcadia Group Ltd in 2002.

Topshop is continually recognised as being an authority on women's
fashion (
with a wide range of petite clothing, dresses and jeans through to
maternity wear, petite clothing (,
lingerie (,
shorts (
and make up.

Topshop was the first fashion retailer to show on schedule at London
Fashion Week in September 2005 when it presented its own acclaimed in-house
design collection Unique (created in 2001). Subsequent partnerships with
international boutiques as far flung as Tokyo and LA followed and Topshop
continues to grow its reputation for supporting exciting new talent.

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