Topshop Stocks 2010 Graduate Collections of Lilly Heine, Simone Rocha and Matthew Harding

By Topshop, PRNE
Monday, December 13, 2010

LONDON, December 14, 2010 - Topshop will be stocking key pieces from the graduate collections of
three of this year's most talented Central Saint Martins alumni for the first

All three collections are available in-store from 8th December, while
Lilly Heine and Matthew Harding's collections are also available on Unavailable anywhere else in the world, customers can get their
hands on one-off pieces by these talented graduates.

Lilly Heine's graduate collection won her international recognition.
Lilly is trained in textile design and her aesthetic is characterised by
unusual shape and surface detail. For her MA collection, Lilly drew
inspiration from Picasso's sketches of women and she interpreted the
exploration of body through the strong silhouette in her design. Topshop will
be stocking three of her designs in the signature subtle fleshy tones for
which she is renowned. Two dove grey shift dresses with demi-sleeves are
available in wool crepe with sublimation print leaves laser cut in yellow or
lilac which move when in motion. A fitted T is the same cut and the front
appliquéd with square leaves.

Matthew Harding's graduate collection explored the dimensions of sheer
jersey and sheep wool through the use of copper corrugated metal. His
intentions were to focus on the strength of women. He highlighted a balance
between tough and feminine and cited Wonder Woman as a point of reference,
who he describes as "so confident and tough, but somehow fragile and still
very sexy." Three pieces from his graduate collection will be available. A
black crepe mid-calf length dress features a corrugated metal frame, a white
crepe long sleeved top is structured with an underlying copper frame whilst a
black wool jacket features shearling across the shoulders.

Simone Rocha's graduate collection featured minimalistic tailoring in
black and white which was lightened by the clever use of sheer panels. With
obvious comparisons drawn to her father John Rocha's designs, hers are said
to be sharper. Simone designed headwear as an antidote to this aesthetic,
bringing softness and romanticism. Simone cites being inspired by the
tradition for women from the Aran Island's to wear petticoats over their
heads when in mourning. A selection of Simone's headwear will be available at

Notes to Editors:

The collections are extremely limited with 10-30 of each item available.

About Topshop:

Topshop is continually recognised as being an authority on women's
fashion on clothing such as jeans (
, dresses, scarves, lingerie, knitwear (
, dresses (
, bags (
and shoes.

Topshop has won several awards for design reputation and new services,
and has a wide range of clothing from women's jeans and jackets to maternity
wear, make-up and gifts.

Topshop was the first fashion retailer to show on schedule at London
Fashion Week in September 2005 when it presented its own acclaimed in-house
design collection Unique (created in 2001). Subsequent partnerships with
international boutiques as far flung as Tokyo and LA followed and Topshop
continues to grow its reputation for supporting exciting new talent.

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