Twinfield to Present at Leading Edge Alliance Conference

By Twinfield, PRNE
Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Online Accounting Solution Provider, Twinfield, Discusses New Technology for Accounting Practices at Managing Partner Meeting on 6th May 2011

CHELMSFORD, England, May 4, 2011 - At 11am on 6th May 2011 Andre Kwakernaat, CTO of online accounting
software (
) provider Twinfield (, will be speaking at the
Leading Edge Alliance Conference on the benefits of using an internet based
financial solution (

Kwakernaat says, "By embracing an online accounting solution
( that
utilises Software as a Service (SaaS) as a delivery methodology, accountancy
practices can transform the services provided to their clients. The ability
to update data from any location provides huge benefits in efficiency and
productivity by automating repetitive tasks and removing the need for
rekeying that can result in errors."

Kwakernaat adds, "For the SME, the benefits are clear. From faster, lower
cost filing of year-end accounts with Company's House and HMRC, to the
provision of accurate day to day information on financial performance,
including the critical cash flow management. Importantly, sharing a single
online accountancy software solution provides a platform for other services.
These can range from a monthly update, to the provision of advice in areas
such as taxation and cash flow. It also allows a proactive approach that
leverages real time access to client data to monitor performance and provide
an early warning of potential financial problems."

Kwakernaat adds, "Adopting an internet based financial solution enables
firms to move up the value chain and evolve from the role of annual auditor
undertaking a necessary but uninspiring task to a true financial consultant
with the expertise and experience to deliver quantifiable corporate value."

As well as discussing online accounting software, Kwakernaat will also be
discussing how accountancy practices can use social media as an effective
marketing tool. He continues, "On the face of it, the dynamic world of social
media and the traditionally conservative, structured world of accountancy
seem poles apart. Tweeting, sharing multimedia content and collaborating
online hardly sound like features that would add value for figure-hungry
clients or the firms that serve them."

Kwakernaat concludes, "However, just as the public is now being given
more rights to information in their medical records, and can easily look up
their credit rating, or bank/retail account status, clients of accounting
services are demanding greater, more flexible access to their own business
information. The challenge for accountancy firms is how best to meet the
challenge. Ignoring it is no longer an option."

About Twinfield

Twinfield UK is a subsidiary of Twinfield International N.V., the
European market leader in the area of online accounting. Today, more than
80,000 financial accounts are being compiled using Twinfield in 22 countries.
Online accounting via Twinfield means flexible accounting, with a range of
subscriptions to suit both small and large organisations. Twinfield also
ensures efficient, secure, real-time data exchange between clients and
administration or accountancy firms. Because Twinfield works as a web
application, users can access and exchange financial reports online anywhere
and anytime via a secure internet connection. For more information about the
company and its services go to:

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    The itpr Partnership
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