Teleste Adds Intelligence to HFC Networks - No More Unnecessary Truck Rolls

By Teleste, PRNE
Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ANGA CABLE, COLOGNE, Germany, May 4, 2011 - Teleste, a leading technology provider of broadband video and service
platforms, today announced a tandem of products that raise intelligence in
cable networks to a new level. Teleste's new AC9000 Intelligent fibre optic
node eliminates human errors from network installations through automatic
configuration, and the next generation CATVisor EMS 4.0 management software
provides unprecedented flexibility and configurability to HFC infrastructure
management. With the announcement, Teleste addresses a major pain point for
cable operators - time consuming network management and maintenance.
Additionally, Teleste introduced DVB-T2 and DVB-C reception modules to the
Luminato head-end platform as well as the new HECS Head-End Signal Control
System at ANGA Cable.

"Manual network maintenance, human mistakes and the difficulty of
locating network problems are often the main culprits behind unnecessary
truck-rolls and high operating expenses. Teleste tackles these problems by
adding intelligence to the network. The fire-and forget installation of the
new AC9000 coupled with the industry's most advanced management suite help
operators to significantly reduce OPEX, avoid service outages, and provide
better service to end-users," said Pasi Jarvenpaa, Business Director at
Teleste Access Networks business group.

"TeliaSonera is using Teleste's intelligent network products and
management software, which improve the quality of our broadband network. This
has resulted in higher uptime of broadband services and increased customer
satisfaction," said Sakari Kangasvieri, Production Manager at TeliaSonera

AC9000 fibre node is the latest member of Teleste intelligent HFC
products. With AC9000, all configurations are done automatically, without
maintenance crew having to spend excess time in adjustment work. This
eliminates human errors and optimises network quality. In addition to this,
AC9000 automatically recognises and isolates ingress problems with the help
of a built-in ingress analyser. The product also provides 2 x 4 scalability
with the ability to use digital return path transmitters, and it can be
monitored and controlled remotely with Teleste's CATVisor EMS management

Intelligent and flexible cable infrastructure management

At ANGA Cable, Teleste also introduced the next generation of its
CATVisor EMS 4.0 management suite, which provides unprecedented flexibility
and configurability to cable infrastructure management. By utilising the
configurable views of EMS 4.0, the network operations personnel can view only
the management information valuable for the specific task they want to
perform. The new release also adds inventory management features to EMS, with
the possibility to associate documents and links to network elements.

CATVisor EMS 4.0 allows also introduces the long awaited network map
view, which adds a new dimension to the presentation of management
information from intelligent network elements. By presenting management
information in a map view, network problems can be pinpointed without having
to go through complex network diagrams or hand-written notes.

"Teleste's new CATVisor EMS 4.0 eliminates this problem by showing
exactly where problems are located. Accurate information about the network
eliminates guesswork from network maintenance and management - reducing
downtime and unnecessary truck rolls," Pasi Jarvenpaa concluded.

World's most versatile head-end extends with new receivers

At ANGA Cable, Teleste also introduced new extensions to its Luminato
head-end platform. The new Luminato can now be expanded with modules for
DVB-C and DVB-T2 reception. The new DVB-T2 module enables reception of the
emerging terrestrial HD transmissions while the DVB-C receiver allows service
providers to pick selected cable TV services as a part of their service

"Luminato is the industry's most compact and energy-efficient head-end
platform and it allows operators to provide more content with less equipment.
The two new modules combined with already existing Luminato input
capabilities enable operators to enrich the subscribers' user experience with
new services for example in hospitality applications," said Teleste's Mika
Kavanti, Business Director, Video solutions.

Originally introduced two years ago at ANGA, Teleste has delivered over
1000 Luminato platforms to more than 50 countries globally. Luminato provides
a multitude of interfaces such as DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, DVB-ASI in/out,
QAM, COFDM and IP within one single platform. All these complemented with
advanced DVB processing capabilities, high capacity scrambling and
multiplexing, packed in a space of one rack unit make Luminato a unique value

Teleste HECS - elegant broadcast and narrowcast combiner splitter

At ANGA Cable, Teleste also introduced the new HECS (Head-End Signal
Control System) product line that fits into standard rack and sub-rack
mounts. The product line includes combiners, splitters, directional couplers
and diplex filters and it allows operators to build complex signal splitting
and combining configurations with a tidy rack mounted product.

Teleste HECS tackles an issue that many operators face: today's
multi-play headends contain broadcasted and narrowcasted TV-services and as
well DOCSIS 3 based services, and all these signal sources need to be
combined, controlled and adjusted to fit in to the distribution network.
Teleste's new HECS product line solves this issue and it can be used at
head-ends and HUB's for combining/splitting narrowcast and broadcast signals.

About Teleste

Teleste is an international technology group founded in 1954, which is
specialised in broadband video and data communication systems and services.
The group is active in two business segments, Video and Broadband Solutions
and Network Services; in both fields, we are among the global leaders. Video
and Broadband Solutions business segment has the emphasis on product
solutions for broadband access networks, video service platforms and video
surveillance applications. Network Services segment deliver comprehensive
network service solutions including new construction, rebuilding, upgrading,
planning and maintenance services of cable networks. In 2010 the group's net
sales totalled EUR 167,8 million and the group employed 1230 persons at the
year-end. The company has approximately 30 offices world-wide and over 90% of
Teleste's net sales are generated outside Finland. The company is listed on
the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. www.teleste.

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