Ukrainian President: Reforms are in Line With the Country's Commitments to the Council of Europe

By Worldwide News Ukraine, PRNE
Monday, June 20, 2011

KYIV, Ukraine, June 21, 2011 -


It is of utmost importance for Ukraine
to fully meet its commitments to the Council of Europe, after
becoming a member 16 years ago, said the President of Ukraine
Victor Yanukovych at the PACE session in Strasbourg. To apply the
EU legislative standards, Ukrainian parliament has already adopted
laws on access to public information, principles on prevention and
combating corruption, and free legal aid, stated the Ukrainian

Ukraine has already fulfilled a number of commitments to the
Council of Europe by developing a program of economic reforms,
adopting a series of important laws, such as the law on domestic
and foreign policy, developing the new budget and tax codes, and
looks forward to finalizing the process before the end of the year.
The adoption of the new Code on Criminal Procedures, which has been
developed in accordance with European standards and rulings of the
European Court of Human Rights, will become the last commitment for
Ukraine to fulfill, according to President Yanukovych.

Constitutional reform was launched in Ukraine with establishing
of the Constitutional Assembly. It is planned that the new draft of
the constitution, prepared by the Assembly in a form of a
presidential bill, would have to be considered by the Ukrainian
parliament (Verkhovna Rada) after the elections in 2012. The
Assembly will  work closely with the European Commission for
Democracy through Law.

Ukrainian leadership has also launched an anticorruption
campaign. The new law on Principles of Prevention and Combating
Corruption in Ukraine stipulates that government officials and
their close relatives now are obliged to publish declarations in
the official press. To enhance the fight on corruption, Ukraine has
adopted new laws on judicial system and the status of Judges.

Transparency of public institutions has been another pressing
issue for Ukraine. The new Law on Access to Public Information has
made it impossible for government officials to hide the budget
expenditures from the public. According to the law, all information
including budget expenditures - should be released to citizens
within a period of five to 30 days. The Law also increases
protection of journalists.

Currently, the draft laws on NGOs, elections of members of
Parliament and Criminal Code procedures are undergoing different
stages of finalization.  

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