Uncertainty Breeds Benefits for Investment

By The New Economy, PRNE
Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LONDON, June 23, 2011 -


With the markets shaken by uncertainty recently, those seeking
to promote national and regional development projects have had a
tough time in securing the required funds. Yet there have been
events that those looking to secure investment finance have been
able to capitalise on. 

One avenue of relief has been offered by commodities markets.
China’s continued growth has seen a surge in demand for raw
materials. As a result, those areas that have been able to promote
their credentials as a producer of raw materials have seen finance
streams flooding in. 

The depression of currencies too has also offered excellent
opportunities to promote various cities, particularly in Western
. Assets such as property have become more affordable to
external investors, making it easier to promote the value of buying
into particular cities. 

Alternatively, proving an area has importance as a centre for
business, culture or as a transport hub has equally proven a driver
for fiscal fluidity into areas. From airports expansion in India to
plans art museum in the Middle East, cities have been keen to show
their value as an area to invest in. 

The winners of The New Economy’s Inward Investment Awards 2011 have
demonstrated skill and presence in successfully showing the variety
of financial and cultural opportunities available in their locale,
defying global economic pressure to secure the necessary capital to
encourage investment. 

To read more about the Inward Investment Awards, pick up the Summer
edition of The New Economy in shops now. Alternatively, view the
winners list at: href="www.theneweconomy.com/articles/awards/873-the-new-economy-inward-investment-awards-2011/">

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