Universal Logo for Water Pollution acquatrail Announced

By The Going Blue Foundation, PRNE
Thursday, March 3, 2011

HELSINGBORG, Sweden, March 4, 2011 - A logo symbolising the acquatrail - representing the cost of damage done
by water pollutants - was announced by The Going Blue Foundation today.

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Unveiled at the Globe Forum Tour conference at Helsingborg, Sweden, the
logo is intended for universal open use to render the acquatrail more readily

It is added to a series of initiatives by the foundation to reduce all
types of water pollution at source.

The acquatrail logo was developed in an open source online competition
overseen by strategy and branding firm INCIDE. The winning version comes from
collaboration between Swedish designer Alexander Engzell and Italian designer
Elisabetta Severini.

Says Susannah Stewart of The Going Blue Foundation: "The acquatrail's
adoption as a measure and monetisation of water pollution at source is
becoming widespread and we believe that this logo will accelerate that
process. Alongside energy and food, clean healthy water is THE 21st century
issue, and the faster we come to grips with this the better".

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Note to the Editor:

The Going Blue Foundation raises the issue of aquatic pollution and its
impact on all forms of life and manages aquatic reparation projects.
www.gobluetoo.com www.blueports.com

Marine Positive Ltd. holds the rights to the Acquatrail formula that it
developed in co-operation with Prof. Roberto Danovaro at the Polytechnic
University of Marche, Italy.

The acquatrail is the aquatic equivalent of the carbon footprint in that
it considers all the pollutants, gaseous, solid and liquid, that damage
aquatic environments. It completes the environmental impact family alongside
the carbon and water footprints.


Contact Allard Marx at The Going Blue Foundation on +44(0)7860-205646


Contact Allard Marx at The Going Blue Foundation on +44(0)7860-205646

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