Utah School District Selects Fluke Networks’ AirMagnet Enterprise to Secure Wireless Networks Across More Than 55 Locations

By Fluke Networks, PRNE
Tuesday, December 6, 2011

EVERETT, Washington, December 7, 2011 -

- Proliferation of wireless devices in schools challenges the district’s IT staff to secure, manage and monitor student access and information

Fluke Networks today announced that the Jordan School District, a K-12 school district in West Jordan, Utah, has selected AirMagnet Enterprise as its wireless intrusion detection/prevention system (WIPS/WIDS) for monitoring, securing and troubleshooting its wireless local area networks (WLANs).

With more than 55 locations, 1,300 access points (APs) and 25,000 networking devices, the district’s wireless network supports more than 50,000 students and faculty and is essential to the day-to-day operations of the district and individual schools. Furthermore, with wireless devices being integrated into class curriculum regularly (for example, for test taking), and with students constantly bringing the latest gadgets to campus, it was vital that district IT staff have complete visibility into the network to determine whether devices are friend or foe (or approved versus unapproved).

“District users previously spent the majority of their time - 90 percent - on the wired network. After a complete overhaul of the wireless network last year, this has shifted dramatically, with users now spending more than 60 percent of their time on the wireless network. This massive uptick in usage, combined with an explosion of wireless devices inside and outside the classroom, exposed many security and performance flaws, making us realize that we needed better visibility into what was happening on our WLAN,” said Ron Bird, network and technical services manager at Jordan School District.

To get this “visibility” into the network, Jordan School District selected AirMagnet Enterprise. Not only does the system provided dedicated 24×7 security and performance monitoring and remote troubleshooting 100 percent of the time, but its intelligent spectrum analysis capability was also a key differentiator over the competition. Using dedicated radio hardware, AirMagnet Enterprise can quickly detect and specifically classify sources of RF interference that can severely impact the performance of the Wi-Fi network. It is the only WIPS/WIDS solution on the market today with this integrated capability.

Jordan School District also selected AirMagnet Enterprise because it easily integrates with a variety of infrastructure technology and includes new dynamic threat update (DTU) technology.

For more information about AirMagnet Enterprise, please visit Fluke Networks. For more information about the latest signature updates, please visit the AirWISE Community.

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