VAYANT Announces the Release of its Second Key Product This Year: Airfare Intelligence (AFI)

By Vayant Travel Technologies Llc, PRNE
Monday, November 7, 2011

SOFIA, Bulgaria, November 8, 2011 -

VAYANT Travel Technologies, the next-generation airfare shopping innovator, announces today the release of Airfare Intelligence (AFI).

“AFI is a snapshot of future airfares worldwide,” describes Boyan Manev, Director of Product Marketing at VAYANT. “It takes the customer specific origin and destinations (O&Ds) and calculates the total price (base fare, IATA taxes, YQ/YR, CAT12, etc.) on a per carrier basis. The results, which can be delivered up to multiple times per day, are then pushed to the customer in a choice of standard formats.”

“During the development of AFI, we conducted sample studies of a few major carriers and found that our unique view of the total priced fare showed significant revenue leakage in the tens of millions range,” comments Brannon Winn VAYANT CCO. “Even if a carrier were to recapture 10% of that we are still talking about over $1 million per year in incremental revenue for a mid-size carrier. That’s the kind of value AFI brings to the market.”

As is the case with all of VAYANT’s products, including the flagship OneSearch™, AFI delivers significant cost efficiencies. All pricing calculations occur outside of an airline’s host or a GDS, and therefore, do not affect Look-to-Book ratios. This allows airlines to lower host transaction fees and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) or Meta Search Engines (MSEs) to utilize their transactions for productive booking activity.

“As a former senior commercial executive at a few airlines, I am really excited about what AFI brings to the table and I know from experience how it can immediately be used,” says Brian Clark, CEO of VAYANT. “What thrills me equally, however, is the marketing potential of this data. AFI will allow for significant marketing campaigns to abide by the latest DOT regulations without a hit to booking productivity.

About VAYANT Travel Technologies LLC

VAYANT is a next-generation airfare shopping solution provider. Using proprietary technology, VAYANT’s flagship product OneSearch™ delivers personalized search results and increased itinerary options improving the end user experience, decreasing customer look-to-book ratios, increasing revenues, and cutting costs. VAYANT provides its full suite of products to travel related companies such as airlines, meta-search engines, online travel agencies, and tour operators.

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