VAYANT Announces the Release of its Worldwide Availability Server Module

By Vayant Travel Technologies Llc, PRNE
Sunday, November 13, 2011

NEW YORK, November 14, 2011 -

- Multi-source Strategy allows Airfare Search with Real-time Availability

VAYANT Travel Technologies, the next-generation airfare shopping innovator, announces today the December 2011 release of VAYANT v2.0 which includes their Worldwide Availability Server solution. With this release, a groundbreaking achievement in airfare search, VAYANT becomes the leading independent airfare search and shopping provider.

This release will now allow VAYANT to further integrate availability results within the flagship OneSearch™ engine as well as in VAYANT’s Microproduct suite. “Our goal has always been to innovate around the new travel shopping trends consumers are asking for today,” comments Brian Clark, CEO of VAYANT. “VAYANT v2.0 is key to that strategy and solidifies VAYANT’s leadership of the next generation of airfare shopping providers.”

By working with VAYANT, online travel agencies and meta-search engines reduce their risk of spiking look-to-book ratios, and airlines avoid unnecessary inventory queries. “We are happy to deliver further cost optimizations for airlines globally,” says Brannon Winn, Chief Commercial Officer at VAYANT. “VAYANT v2.0 delivers richer result sets to travel search - finding lower fares more often - and integrates smoothly with existing systems. VAYANT now offers the best of both worlds - the speed, flexibility and distribution effectiveness demanded for Internet shopping combined with the accuracy of airline hosting systems.”

VAYANT joins a select group of providers who can offer multi-carrier result sets inclusive of availability on a worldwide basis. “VAYANT v2.0 has always been on schedule and will release in December 2011,” comments Eric Dumas COO. “Our Worldwide Availability Server module will also have the ability to perform live availability queries which, unlike predictive shopping engines, can provide a full-fledged solution, utilizing the highest level of inventory accuracy in the marketplace. But, this is just the beginning of our innovative functionality releases.”

This announcement follows right behind the release of VAYANT’s second product launch of 2011, Airfare Intelligence, which offers forward-looking real-time fare information for use in the revenue management and marketing fields.

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Using patent pending technologies, VAYANT’s flagship product OneSearch™ delivers innovative personalized search results and increased itinerary options improving the end user experience, decreasing customer look-to-book ratios, increasing revenues, and cutting costs. VAYANT Airfare Intelligence™ offers a real time snapshot of future airfares world-wide including all taxes and fare rules. VAYANT provides its full suite of products to travel related companies such as airlines, meta-search engines, online travel agencies, tour operators and revenue management.

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