Versatyle Introduces Codeless CAN-Bus Test Automation Technology

By Versatyle Test Corporation, PRNE
Monday, April 11, 2011

The Versatyle Testr3 Studio incorporates the Controller Area Network (CAN) communication bus to automate embedded system testing.

WASHINGTON, April 12, 2011 - Versatyle Test Corporation introduces embedded system testing using
CAN-Bus technology ( to
rapidly acquire and test large amount of data in an automated test sequence.
The Versatyle Testr3 Studio software is empowered by the ability to automate
the testing process of CAN-enabled hardware devices using two new
revolutionized codeless modules. These new features remove the complexity of
real-time system testing, provide a user friendly test automation environment
and significantly reduce the time to develop test cases and test trees.

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CAN is a message based protocol standard widely deployed within the
automotive industry. Throughout the years, numerous other vertical markets
integrated the CAN-Bus technology such as industrial, medical and aerospace
industries. Versatyle Test Corporation has leveraged its existing test and
measurement capability and has integrated CAN-Bus technology to provide a
more powerful test automation software platform. Testr3 Studio can now send
individual (or a list of) CAN commands to devices and read and compare
multiple values originating from various CAN channels. The powerfulness of
the test suite allows users to significantly reduce costs by accelerating
their test development cycles.

With the addition of CAN, Versatyle enables the automation of real-time
system testing via its innovative codeless module technology. Test engineers
or test designers can prepare complex test plans and intuitively create test
cases with parameter-based modules that do not require programming skills and
require very little training.

Learn more about Versatyle test automation software: Testr3 Studio

About Versatyle Test Corporation

Versatyle Test Corporation is committed to providing the best test
platforms to the electronic industry, allowing manufacturing, test &
measurement and/or R&D personnel to fully achieve their objectives. Whether
it is faster time to market, improved product quality or higher revenue,
Versatyle helps you in achieving your goals by providing you a complete test
automation life cycle. Versatyle is aware of what is required to simplify and
deliver quicker test development, implementation and management. At
Versatyle, we are committed to continuously enhance our products and services
to address current and future requirements of the electronic testing market.

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