Voluntary Product Recall: Wolfcraft Classic Universal 230 mm Diamond Cutting Discs for Angle Grinders

By Wolfcraft Gmbh, PRNE
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

KEMPENICH, Germany, November 4, 2010 - Wolfcraft GmbH is starting a voluntary recall of its 230
mm diameter Classic Universal power tool accessory diamond cutting discs,
article number 1611000. Tests by the Institute for Occupational Safety and
Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (Institut für Arbeitsschutz
der Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung (IFA)) revealed that in 30% of
cases, individual segments of this 230 mm cutting disc broke off and could
injure the user and others in the surrounding area.

According to the company's management, retailers were immediately
informed of the issue and the potentially faulty products have been removed
from the shelves. End customers who already own a Classic Universal 230 mm
diamond cutting disc are being urgently advised to avoid further use of the
disc and send it back to the following manufacturer's address in order to
exchange it for a non-faulty product: wolfcraft GmbH, Technical Service,
Löhstrasse 18, 56745 Weibern.

According to company management, around 1,900 of the potentially affected
Wolfcraft Classic Universal 230 mm diamond cutting discs have been delivered
to DIY stores across Europe over the past two years. "Despite the voluntary
oSa* certification of all companies involved in the delivery chain, we are
unable to completely rule out the fact that the bonding of the diamond
segments may be insufficient for the rotational use of the tool" explains
Reinhard Wolff, CEO of Wolfcraft. This certification by the "Organisation für
die Sicherheit von Schleifwerkzeugen e. V." (Organization for the Safety of
Abrasives) usually guarantees significantly higher standards than those
legally required through regular testing and strict adherence to the
applicable European safety standards for grinding tools (CEN standards).

During voluntary tests by the IFA, faults in the adhesion of the diamond
segments were established in 30 % of the 230 mm discs. To avoid potential
risks for users, Wolfcraft GmbH has decided to launch a voluntary recall of
the goods.

All possibly affected products on the market are to be replaced by
non-faulty goods. End consumers can exchange the affected cutting discs with
article number 1611000 by 31st December 2010 by sending the product to the
following address: wolfcraft GmbH, Technical Service, Löhstrasse 18, 56745

* Organization for the safety of abrasives

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