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Sunday, July 3, 2011

LONDON, July 4, 2011 -

LA’s freshest indie rockers, Foster the People have had their
hit single ‘Pumped up Kicks’ censored by MTV’s college channel
MTVU. However, the video can still be viewed in full on leading
music video site href="">

The track, featuring the band’s signature Californian-style,
electronic beats and distinctive lead vocals from frontman Mark
, has had its chorus stripped for its violent connotations.
The track tells the story of a young boy pushed to the edge and
turning to violence.

The video, however, features exclusive behind the scene footage
of the band performing, touring and recording their latest album

In an interview with href="">
The Washing Post, Foster said ‘Artists have always observed
society and art has always been subversive, and I don’t think
that’s a bad thing. The song came from a place in my heart. I was
thinking about, Why are kids doing this, why is this an epidemic in
our country? Kids are getting younger and younger and bringing a
gun to malls or schools or parks and killing people. What is going
on in a kid’s head that goes through something like that? So I
wound up going inside a kid’s head and telling a story’.

Rob Gotlieb of said ‘we understand the delicate topic of
the song and we by no means condone the behaviour. However, we
believe strongly that our audience have the ability to make up
their own minds’. He added ‘music, and the videos that accompany
it, will always attract controversy and we believe censoring them
would be an offence to both the artist and our audience’.

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