Saving Power With Wireless Motion- and Temperature Sensors

By Plugwise, PRNE
Sunday, July 3, 2011

SASSENHEIM, The Netherlands, July 4, 2011 -


This is the reasoning behind all of Plugwise’s activities.
Rightly so, as user data from Plugwise customers show that on
average almost half of the electricity used is outside office
hours. Switch your appliances on and off when necessary. Even when
you are not present. The Plugwise system centralises control of
energy consumption of individual devices. You can control all
equipment that has been connected to Plugwise, from 1

Now Plugwise introduces two unique products worldwide: the Scan
and the Sense.

The Plugwise Scan light sensor and motion detector introduces
many new features to the Plugwise system. Where saving energy was
possible in many ways, it is now also possible to control your
lighting with the Scan, using motion detection and light levels.
The Scan is also a datalogger providing insight into optimal usage
of your building. And saving energy is just the beginning. The Scan
provides the Plugwise system with information about the occupancy
of office space and equipment, so the use of your building can be
optimised. This prevents unnecessary investments in office space
and equipment and saves significantly in energy consumption.

The Plugwise Sense is a new module for the Plugwise ZigBee network
and provides measurement of temperature and relative humidity and
stores this data in its memory. By installing Sense in your
Plugwise system, you gain detailed insight into the evolution of
the climatic conditions of individual rooms and can therefore
implement appropriate measures to optimise comfort in your

These products are distinguished by their unmatched durability of
the battery, the settings of the sensors (such as sensitivity, day
light switch, time, etc.) and the possibilities of changing remote
settings in the software.

The Scan and the Sense and are available from July

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