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Sunday, July 3, 2011

LONDON, July 4, 2011 -


- Exclusive Meerkat
Toy for all Car, Home, Pet and Van Insurance Customers

One of the UK’s leading price comparison sites today announced the launch of
its new rewards scheme, with customers able to claim an exclusive
meerkat toy, based on the characters in its popular advertising

Under the scheme, called Simples Rewards, all customers who buy
pet, van, home or href="">car
insurance through from
4th July will be eligible to claim a meerkat toy.

Kal Atwal, Managing Director of, expects uptake of the scheme to
be high due to the popularity of the meerkat advertising campaign.
 ”We wanted to give something back to our customers.
 Aleksandr has been a real favourite with consumers since the
campaign began, he has nearly 800,000 Facebook fans and his book
sold around half a million copies last Christmas.   So we
thought that a range of official toys based on the meerkat
characters would be the ideal way to thank our loyal customers.”

All customers who complete a
purchase of pet, van, home or car insurance will be prompted to log
on to href=""> to
claim their reward from one of six meerkat toys.    The
range features the original characters - Aleksandr and Sergei - as
well as some new faces from Meerkovo, including: Bogdan, the
meerpup; Vassily a regular rocker at the Queasy Mongoose pub;
Maiya, the schoolteacher; and Yakov the toymaker.   All toys
will come in their own individual presentation box, accompanied by
a certificate of authentication.    The toys will not be
on sale and the only way consumers can receive one is by making a
purchasing via

The scheme is being promoted by a major advertising campaign on
TV, radio, cinema, outdoor and online.  The campaign features
Aleksandr and Segei visiting the UK for the first time to deliver
the toys to reward customers who know the difference between
meerkat and market.

Atwal said, “The toys are free and exclusively available to customers.  The Simples
Rewards scheme is a major investment and entirely funded by to reward our customers.  It will not
lead to an increase in insurance prices, which are set by
individual insurers.”

For more details on Simples Rewards visit href=""> or href="">

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