Web-based Energy-aware Smart Homes

By Energy Optimizers Limited, PRNE
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Plogg Connected Appliances Become Web-enabled Offering a Future Integration Platform for the Smart Grid

GRIMSBY, England, April 6, 2011 - Energy Optimizers Limited's (EOL) metering device, called the plogg, now
allows researchers to evaluate ubiquitous monitoring solutions for individual
appliances and electronic devices using the Web in order to improve energy
efficiency in the home and across the electricity grid.

A team at the Networks Research Laboratory, University of Cyprus, has Web
enabled the Plogg, using RESTful architecture, in feasibility studies with
variable pricing tariffs. These studies examined the effects of simulated
Demand Response programs when activating connected appliances in low-tariff
hours. The team has shown that by applying an optimizing policy for all
electrical appliances in the home can achieve monthly savings of EUR 6 in a
10% tariff reduction and EUR 19 in a 30% reduction or the equivalent of a
10.85% reduction in the bill of a typical average home.

Similarly, the MiDDaS dynamic demand and battery storage project (EC
Framework 7) has prioritized scheduled load events, including Electric
Vehicle (EV) charging, when tariffs are low and exporting electricity from
battery storage (static or EV) when the tariff prices are high. The plogg is
used to create a wireless smart metering network inside the house to
implement dynamic demand for EV charging and grid-tie export. The plogg
network controller is the gateway that communicates with a Utility supplier's
central server, sending minute interval data and receiving variable price

"Advanced home automation, high flexibility and energy conservation can
be achieved when using the Web as a platform," said Andreas Kamilaris of the
University of Cyprus. "A future cloud-based smart grid strategy would allow
the seamless integration of the grid with Web-based, energy-aware smart

The plogg is used widely in research and field trials offering access to
accurate and high resolution at the data capture level. The serial interface
to the Teridian meter module and the simple API/DLL allow integration and a
variety of demand response options to be evaluated quickly.

About Energy Optimizers Limited

Energy Optimizers Limited designs and manufactures Smart Grid
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load controls for domestic and commercial appliances. Energy Optimizers
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