What Does the Economic Reaction to the End of QE1 Mean for the End of QE2?

By Fx Solutions, PRNE
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NEW YORK, July 13, 2011 -


Two key economic questions face Forex traders right now.
Firstly, how weak is the American economy? And secondly, how will
it be affected by the end of the Federal Reserve’s Treasury $600
bond buying program?

Joseph Trevisani, Chief Market Analyst of online href="www.fxsolutions.com/">foreign exchange broker FX
Solutions ( href="www.fxsolutions.com/">www.fxsolutions.com/),
assesses the situation: “While economic activity is difficult to
predict, we do have a standard for comparison. QE1 ended in April
. We can look at how several indicators fared from April until
that August 27th when the Fed announced its surprise QE2 policy. It
is not a comfortable comparison.”

“The record of the ISM indices will provide the view of
established businesses and the National Association of Independent
Business Index (NFIB) the same for small and newly formed
organizations,” continues Mr Trevisani.

“The New York, Philadelphia and Chicago Fed indices chart
anecdotal information for their areas. Industrial production,
capacity utilization and GDP look at the overall economy and the
four week moving average of initial jobless claims and Non-Farm
Payrolls (NFP) will observe the labor market. In addition I will
chart the performance of the Dow and S&P averages over last

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