Wii Games Ideas This Christmas

By Tesco Entertainment, PRNE
Thursday, December 2, 2010

LONDON, December 3, 2010 - The Wii games console was a huge hit over the Christmas period last year
with families and friends enjoying the social aspect of this interactive new
take on gaming. The beauty of the Wii games console is that first time gamers
can easily get involved in the action, with intuitive games that require no
prior gaming experience.

There is a huge selection of Wii Games (
www.tescoentertainment.com/store/browse/games/wii-games/) available at
Tesco Entertainment, so we thought it would be a great idea to provide an
overview of some of the fun options that will spice up your Christmas

Fifa 11

Football banter is common place over the Christmas period, so why not
channel some of the passion into Fifa 11 (
www.tescoentertainment.com/store/games/-fifa-11/8%3a698400/), the
latest football masterpiece from EA Sports. Enjoy the incredible new
graphics, exotic locations, superb playability and brand new features this
superb new football game has to offer.

Just Dance 2

If you feel like embarrassing the children this Christmas then get your
dancing shoes on with Just Dance 2, the brand new dance game for the Wii
gaming console. With over 40 incredible songs from Beastie Boys to Wham you
won't be able to stop the dancing.

DJ Hero 2

There are sure to be some family members around this Christmas that pride
themselves on their DJ skills. Put there scratching, mixing, pitch control
and rhythm to the test this festive season with DJ Hero 2, the ultimate new
DJ game that will keep the party atmosphere going all the way through to the
New Year.

Disney's Epic Mickey 26th Nov

We are all familiar with Mickey mouse but Disney's Epic Mickey sheds a
new, slightly devious twist on this familiar character. Disney's Epic Mickey
is a great adventure where players can modify their surroundings using magic
paint whilst bumping into a familiar long lost Disney friends along the way.

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