Yildiz Holding Increases Participation in Investor Conferences

By Yildiz Holding, PRNE
Monday, May 30, 2011

ISTANBUL, May 31, 2011 -

Yildiz Holding A.S. ("Yildiz"), a leading Turkish food conglomerate in
the FMCG sector, today announced that three of its publicly listed
subsidiaries have participated in investor conferences in the key financial
centers of London, Istanbul and Bodrum.

Most recently, the companies, Ulker Biskuvi Sanayi Ticaret A.S. (ISE:
ULKER), Kerevitas Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. (ISE: KERVT) and Bizim Toptan
Satis Magazalari A.S. (ISE: BIZIM) had been present and met with the
investment community during the EFG Investor Conference held at the Kempinski
Hotel Barbaros Bay on May 26th and 27th in Bodrum, Turkey.

In addition, Ulker Biskuvi, Kerevitas Gida and Bizim Toptan also
participated in the Garanti Securities Investor Conference on May 11th and
12th at the Grosvenor Hotel in London and at Ata Invest's Investor Conference
held for the first time in Turkey, on May 16th and 17th at the Four Seasons
Besiktas in Istanbul. These well-attended conferences provided a platform for
Ulker Biskuvi, Kerevitas Gida and Bizim Toptan to communicate with the
investment community their recently announced first quarter results, share
financial and operational updates and long-term strategy for growth.

Nurtac Ziyal, head of Investor Relations of Yildiz Holding, stated, "For
Yildiz, 2011 has been a year focused on growth and discipline as we dedicate
our efforts towards improving operating efficiencies within all of our
subsidiaries and strive to continue to widen our market leadership position
within Turkey and abroad."

As an established player in the Turkish FMCG market, Yildiz' portfolio of
companies are some of the most beloved and "top-of-mind" brands in Turkey.
The Company has one of the most sophisticated distribution networks in Turkey
and its subsidiaries benefit from these strong relationships with suppliers
and customers. With per capita food consumption in Turkey remaining fairly
low when compared to Western levels, the Turkish markets offer significant
growth opportunities, as the country transforms itself into a major
world-class global player. Economic drivers for Turkey include a young and
dynamic population, rising urbanization, favorable long-term economic
structure and growing GDP per capita. Yildiz is dedicated to further
strengthening its brand name throughout Turkey and beyond, positioning the
Company for long-term sustained growth and shareholder value maximization.

Ms. Ziyal concluded, "We have undertaken the same approach in our
communications efforts to our shareholders and potential investors, always
striving to improve upon the transparency of our Company as a whole and
provide a better understanding of our dynamic businesses to our investors. We
believe our proactive approach and participation in these, as well as future
conferences, will provide the optimal platform for us to share our exciting
growth story and potential to the financial community."

About Yildiz Holding A.S.

Yildiz Holding A.S. — Turkey's leading conglomerate in FMCG sector –
established in 1944 to produce biscuits with the Ulker brand name. Today,
Yildiz Holding has operations in various categories ranging from biscuits to
chocolate, beverages to dairy products, baby food to personal care products
and packaging with 68 companies worldwide. With such a large business scope,
Yildiz Holding is Turkey's biggest raw material buyer, contributing to the
lives of 100 thousand farmers directly and 500 thousand people indirectly.
Yildiz Holding companies, making production in 56 facilities both domestic
and abroad, are not only pioneer in the country but also in the region.

Ulker Biskuvi is traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange under the ticker
ULKER TI (Bloomberg) and ULKER.IS (Reuters). For more information on Ulker
Biskuvi or to view the full products offered to consumers, please visit

Kerevitas is traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange under the ticker KERVT
and KERTV TI (Bloomberg) and KERVT.IS (Reuters). For more information on
Kerevitas or to view the full products offered to consumers, please visit

Bizim Toptan is traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange under the ticker
BIZIM TI (Bloomberg) and BIZIM.IS (Reuters). For more information on Bizim
Toptan, please visit www.bizimtoptan.com.

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