P&G Pioneering the 'Omics' Revolution to Solve Molecular Puzzles in Beauty & Grooming

By Pg Beauty Grooming, PRNE
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SEOUL, South Korea, May 26, 2011 -

- Cutting-edge 'Omics' tools transform skin and hair biology to
illuminate new pathways to advanced beauty and grooming innovation

Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) today unveiled its pioneering efforts in the
breakthrough field of 'Omics' that is set to solve the molecular puzzles of
beauty and leapfrog innovations in this space. Twenty-one years after the
start of the Human Genome Project in 1990, the science of genomics has come
of age and led to a new era of 'Omics'-based research. This approach brings
together genomics, proteomics and metabolomics to map the entire biological
system, illuminating new pathways to better skin and hair science for years
to come.

The New Science of 'Omics'

While genomics has dominated the beauty and grooming discussion in recent
years, new advances in genome sequencing and other 'Omics' tools are enabling
biologists to shift their attention from studying individual parts within a
particular biological system to 'mapping' the entire system. From the genome
to the proteome to the metabolome - together representing the total approach
of 'systems' biology.

Our complex human biology means there are more than 20,000 genes, as many
as a million proteins and thousands of metabolites underlying our fundamental
skin and hair processes - now, for the first time, scientists have the
'Omics' tools to piece this puzzle together. Where once scientists could only
measure one gene or protein at a time, the latest 'Omics' tools now allow us
to monitor 9.4 million gene changes and hundreds of protein expression
changes or metabolites in a single experiment with tools like:

    - Genomics the study of gene activity or 'expression' and describes how
      genes function, interact with one another and respond to environmental
    - Proteomics which studies proteins and the way they change as a result
      of gene activity;
    - Metabolomics which studies how changes in genes and proteins impact
      biochemical processes within the cell.

But the secret to dramatically accelerating data and insights in skin and
hair biology lies in bringing these tools and techniques together. This
allows scientists to open up insights into the molecular pathways associated
with common concerns in skin and hair biology, and ultimately create
innovative new products that better address the needs of men and women.

"The 'Omics' revolution significantly changes the way we analyze, think
about and experience beauty and grooming. It changes the rules of the game
and gives us an unrivalled insight into the complete map of our biological
processes, opening up possibilities that will help us solve the molecular
puzzles of beauty and grooming science," said Dr. Jay Tiesman, Principal
Scientist, Global Biotechnology Division, P&G.

Joining Dr. Tiesman are other leading scientists on the team including
Dr. Rosemarie Osborne, Dr. John Oblong and Dr. Ray Grant, who have been the
pioneers behind the 'Omics' revolution at P&G for over 10 years. They have
been at the helm of the evolution of 'Omics' science at P&G and now, 45
peer-reviewed articles, 90 presentations and over 30,000 gene chips later,
the new science of 'Omics' is leading a revolution in beauty and grooming.

Pioneering the application of 'Omics' to Leapfrog Beauty & Grooming
Innovations at P&G

P&G Beauty & Grooming is going beyond traditional beauty approaches -
with a new systems biology approach applied to the complex 'systems' of
beauty. Using this novel application of 'Omics' tools to drive an advanced
and holistic understanding of beauty and grooming needs for consumers around
the world: men and women, and head to toe - face, body, hair and scalp.

Much of this effort is driven by bringing together the extensive
scientific expertise at P&G that parallel top research institutions globally,
and P&G's progressive stance towards collaboration. A key highlight is P&G's
recent partnership with the Institute for Systems Biology to bring deeper
insights into skin biology, targeting ageing issues as one of its key focus
areas. The goal is to develop models of the global molecular changes that
occur in skin under different conditions.

Beyond collaborations with external institutions, P&G has combined
'Omics' with advanced human skin cell models to identify solutions to help
older skin appear more like younger skin. It has also given us new evidence
on the significant differences between male and female skin in the area of UV
sensitivity, helping us to sharpen our approach to new regimens for male
skin. We are now leveraging proteomic studies to further the understanding of
the impact of dandruff and the effect of anti-dandruff actives - a critical
step in scalp care given that dandruff affects half of the world's
population. 'Omics' tools are also reshaping the area of hair science as P&G
scientists are able to evaluate and fingerprint hair damage at the molecular
level, pointing us to new breakthroughs and formulations in hair care.

While the application of 'Omics' science has just begun, the far-reaching
impact of its application across beauty and grooming is already informing
P&G's research and taking the company's innovations across the category in
new and different directions.

"'Omics' science is already helping us resolve some of the most complex
and intriguing puzzles that still exist in beauty and grooming. Each puzzle
we solve is not only expanding what we know but opening up new and intriguing
future possibilities - not only for us as research scientists but also for
the skin and hair products we all use everyday," said Dr. Jim Thompson,
Associate Director, Biotechnology and Systems Biology, P&G beauty.

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