Zmags Introduces CommercePro -the First Merchandising Platform Optimized for e-Commerce

By Zmags, PRNE
Monday, May 23, 2011

BOSTON, May 24, 2011 -

- New flagship product allows brands and retailers to deliver engaging
and dynamic experiences across iPads, iPhones, Facebook and the Web

Zmags today introduced CommercePro, the first merchandising and
intelligence platform specifically optimized for e-commerce. CommercePro is a
rich media merchandising solution that allows brands and retailers to
transform content into engaging digital experiences across the broadest range
of platforms - online, mobile and social - to increase revenue and develop
the most complete understanding of their customers.

In an increasingly competitive and fluid retail market, companies are
looking for the most effective ways to engage and sell to customers wherever,
whenever and however they choose to shop. CommercePro is the first SaaS
platform that allows clients to design and deliver personalized interactive
shopping experiences through online catalogs and digital magazines.
Complementing a brand's existing online presence with a highly merchandized
online experience powerfully converts browsers into buyers and buyers into
power shoppers. These digital experiences - whether delivered via the Web,
smartphones, tablets, or over social networks like Facebook - dramatically
increase shopper engagement and conversion rates as compared with traditional
e-commerce sites.

"Leading brands and retailers have been actively searching for a way to
extend the power of their offline merchandising prowess to their digital
channels - particularly on iPads, iPhones, and on Facebook," said Michael
, Zmags' president and chief executive officer. "Today, we are
thrilled to announce a commerce-centric solution that translates the art and
science of proven retail practices effectively into the web and mobile
realms." [For more details on Schreck's appointment, please see release New
CEO Michael Schreck Joins Zmags to Lead the Charge into Mobile and Social
Commerce issued May 24, 2011.]

With CommercePro, Zmags introduces several powerful new features that
enable top retailers and brands to significantly increase revenue and
conversion rates and improve customer engagement online. These include:

    - Tablet/Mobile Commerce - According to a recent Forrester/
      report, more than 20% of mobile traffic to retail websites comes from
      tablet devices (and growing rapidly).Converting those customers,
      though, is a challenge. CommercePro's new tablet functionality allows
      merchants to automatically mobilize content and commerce, converting
      shoppers within the Zmags digital experience on any device, including
      the iPad.
    - Facebook Commerce - Merchants and brands are able to fully tap into
      Facebook's tremendous global community by publishing e-commerce-enabled
      catalogs directly to their Facebook pages.
    - Integrated Shopping Cart - To help merchants reduce bounce rates and
      improve conversion, CommercePro creates a single unified shopping cart
      available for every product directly inside the interactive digital
      catalog. CommercePro tightly integrates e-commerce functionality with a
      brand's carefully architected customer experience enabling it to offer
      the right products at the right time, inspiring customers to make
      purchases-both planned and impulse.
    - Funnel Analytics for Shopping Carts - CommercePro provides all the
      customer data a brand needs to make challenging business decisions
      through detailed analytics of the buying process, including conversion
      rates, order value, number of items per order and other actionable
      intelligence. Clients now have unprecedented insight into the entire
      purchase process, from browsing to buying - and all the steps in
    - Dynamic Display Windows - Integrated product display windows enable
      brands to significantly improve conversions by enabling customers to
      view product details and complete a purchase directly from within the
      catalog. These windows effortlessly connect with product databases,
      recommendation engines, and social media platforms.

"We've found tremendous benefit in using our offline content to support
online commerce, as it has allowed us to maintain our couture brand image
across all consumer touchpoints while developing a much better understanding
of how our customers shop and interact with our site," said Amy Sullivan,
director of e-commerce at Brahmin. Brahmin, makers of handcrafted, luxury
leather handbags and accessories, has been a Zmags customer for two years and
will be launching CommercePro in June, a decision that was made largely due
to the power of the product's merchandising and analytic capabilities.
Sullivan continues, "Zmags is providing tools that deliver intelligence we
can immediately implement to better meet our customers' expectations -
regardless of where and how they interact with our brand."

While it is early in the CommercePro experience for many retailers and
brands, a major European retailer has experienced nearly a doubling of its
conversion rates and average order size when compared to its traditional web

"These are challenging times for the retail industry," said Schreck. "The
rapid adoption of smartphones, iPads, and Facebook has rewritten the rules of
engagement for companies and their customers. CommercePro by Zmags -
positioned at the intersection of content, commerce and intelligence - is
uniquely suited to help retailers proactively respond to these

About Zmags

Zmags delivers an on-demand, rich media merchandising and analytics
platform to 3,000 of the world's most progressive brands and retailers. The
Company's SaaS service enables its clients to design and deliver personalized
interactive online catalogs and digital magazines that dramatically increase
shopper engagement and conversion rates across virtually any mobile device or
social media - whether on an iPad, iPhone, browser, or within Facebook.
End-users who engage with brands via the Zmags digital experience are twice
as likely to convert from prospects to buyers versus other e-commerce
channels. Zmags, based in Boston with offices in London and Copenhagen,
boasts a client base of a "who's-who" of retailers, e-commerce, technology
leaders, and global brands. Current customers include: 40% of apparel
companies and over 20% of retailers listed on the Fortune 500 and 55% of
automotive firms and 60% of business services organizations from the Global
100. Its private equity backers include both European and North American

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