19% of UK Respondents Consider Buying BlackBerry Torch

By Toluna Plc, PRNE
Monday, August 9, 2010

LONDON, August 10, 2010 - Life for Research In Motion has not been very easy in the past few years
since its two heavyweight rivals Apple and Google entered the scene with
their increasingly popular iPhone and Android phones. The latest RIM version,
the BlackBerry Torch, will be launched in the US on 12th Aug and rolled out
in the UK in a few months. Will this new design help RIM reclaim some of its
lost ground?

To find out the answer, Toluna PLC recently did a survey by asking the
opinions of 1000 UK respondents.

Despite the fanfare created by RIM and the media around the Torch's
launch, only 22% of the respondents have heard about the BlackBerry Torch:
among them, 19% have a clear intention of buying one, while 36% feel
uncertain and about 45% say they will not.

RIM has worked very hard to keep its corporate users happy and at the
same time has encouraged people to use the BlackBerry just as any regular
smartphone. They might do it right this time: almost 60% are interested in
personal use and a respectable 33% say they will consider using BlackBerry
for both business and personal use. So, integrating a better browser and more
social networking functions is a good idea. The reason why they like the
phone seems quite obvious: while the combination of a touch screen and
keyboard is a no-brainer answer (47%), lots of people seem to like its
overall design (42%) and its OS 6 software that deals better with
multi-tasking and social networking (34%), an indication that users like a
BlackBerry with a real keyboard plus better and more functions. But let's be
careful, Palm Pre has the best touch screen and keyboard combination but was
still doomed shortly after launch.

For users having the intention to buy a BlackBerry Torch, the largest age
group is the one between 16 and 34, which hardly suits the stereotype of
middle-aged, suit-clad business executives. Perhaps this means there are some
cool factors in Torch after all? Click this link (
zgoIQ%3d%3d) to see the full result of this survey.

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The result may sound somewhat discouraging for both RIM and die-hard
BlackBerry fans, but things may change over time with the launch and reviews
from the media and early-adopting users. However, remember that the success
of a product is pretty much shaped by users' opinion.

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