Glidewell Laboratories Selects Objet Geometries to Offer Complete Dental Model Production

By Objet Geometries Ltd., PRNE
Monday, August 9, 2010

NEWPORT BEACH, California, August 10, 2010 - Glidewell Laboratories (, a provider of
dental laboratory services to North America, has announced its latest
collaboration with Objet Geometries Ltd ( (Rehovot,
Israel), innovation leader of 3-Dimensional printing systems. Objet provided
Glidewell with the ability to manufacturer custom printed models and other
precision dental parts using Objet's Eden(TM) 3-D Printing Systems.


Objet and Glidewell have long held a collaborative relationship for
implementing Objet's ultra-thin layer, high-resolution 3-D printing systems
on the laboratory production floor. Objet's printed parts were extensively
tested and evaluated by Glidewell Laboratories. After comprehensive testing
by Glidewell's 66-person R&D team, the printed parts for production were
approved and qualified.

"Objet is delighted that a leading U.S. dental laboratory such as
Glidewell Laboratories has chosen Objet's dental solution to improve its
manufacturing processes," said Avi Cohen - Head of Medical Solutions at
Objet. "We both believe that, in order to redefine the dental laboratory
industry, we must implement the leading 3-D Printing technology to provide
highly accurate and excellent quality models and parts at an affordable

"Glidewell Laboratories has made great strides in case-to-case
consistency using Objet's 3-D Printing systems to manufacture dental models
for its dentist customers that utilize intra-oral digital scanners like
Cadent iTero, Lava COS and Glidewell's own IOS system," said Grant Bullis,
Director of CAD/CAM Engineering. "With Objet's technology in-house, we are
able to improve our existing processes to not only ensure highly accurate
models but also mass-produce them at a faster rate than other printing

Through longstanding collaboration, Glidewell Laboratories' 10-person
CAD/CAM engineering team has supplied Objet with constructive critique and
input for the strategic dental manufacturing by sharing input and experience.
This cooperative effort helps produce highly accurate models and is also
focused on refining additional printing solutions. The value of this strong
collaboration between Glidewell and Objet provides a very fast customization
service as part of the support received.

Objet's 3-D printing solution is an exciting advance for dental
technology. Dentists and dental laboratories will electronically submit their
cases to Glidewell Laboratories, and the patterns and models are designed and
printed. This new process also reduces shipping costs and improves turnaround

"Glidewell brings experience, knowledge, vision and the drive to move the
global dental restorative technology forward," concludes Avi Cohen.
"Glidewell continues to be a great source of inspiration for Objet, and we
certainly look forward to working with them on future products."

About Glidewell Laboratories, Inc.

Glidewell Dental Lab ( is an industry
leader thanks to its innovative dental technology, solutions-driven R&D
department, and dedication to providing free clinical and technical education
to dentists and laboratories worldwide.

Glidewell Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1970 and is based in Newport
Beach, Calif.
, USA.

About Objet Geometries

Objet Geometries Ltd., (, the innovation leader in
3-Dimensional printing, provides 3-D printing systems that enable
manufacturers and industrial designers to reduce cost of product development
and dramatically shorten time-to-market of new products.

Objet's ultra-thin-layer, high-resolution 3-D printing systems and
materials utilize PolyJet(TM) and PolyJet Matrix(TM) polymer jetting
technologies to print ultra-thin layers. The market-proven Eden(TM) line of
3-D Printing is based on Objet's patented office-friendly PolyJet Technology.
All Objet systems use Objet's FullCure(R) materials to create accurate,
clean, smooth and highly detailed 3-D models.

Objet systems are in use by world leaders in many industries, including
dental, automotive, electronics, toy, consumer goods and footwear industries
in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Japan.

Founded in 1998, Objet serves its growing worldwide customer base through
offices in USA, Europe and Hong Kong, and a global network of distribution
partners. Objet owns more than 50 patents and patent pending inventions.

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