A New World Calls for Different Ways to do Business - Based on New Business Models

By Economic Shift, PRNE
Monday, January 10, 2011

STOCKHOLM, January 11, 2011 - The newly established non-profit foundation Economic Shift inspires
companies to do business differently in order to be successful and contribute
to a better world.

Economic Shift envisions an economic world where we take into
consideration ethical values, global environmental and social concerns, as
well as the increasingly dynamic relationships between customers and
producers. Ultimately, it is the customers who decide the value of products
and services.

Consumers' values are changing. More people have access to new
technologies which make it possible to communicate and spread messages to
many people in a short time span, for example through social media. Our
society has already shown that it is ready for new ways of doing business.
However, most companies still operate business models that date from the days
of industrialisation.

"We invite all stakeholders around the world to participate in the
realization and development of this vision. We must develop our current
economic structure in order to protect the earth and at the same time make
sure that companies can grow," says Katarina Chowra, who is the initiator of
Economic Shift.

Economic Shift welcomes professionals and all those who are interested in
this topic to our community for sharing knowledge, experience and best
practice: economicshift.org

A few examples of how our economic world is developing:

    - Companies' stakeholders have an increasing awareness of and interest
      in questions such as environment, social responsibility and ethics.

    - Production and pricing are becoming more individualized.

    - Social media makes it possible to spread messages, even when no
      financial resources are available.

Economic Shift is founded on the principle that there should be no
conflict between running a successful business while at the same time working
towards a better world. Rather, these objectives can be met simultaneously.

Economic Shift's founders are:

Katarina Chowra

Emma Ihre

Björn Vingård

Marianne Hamilton

For more information, bio, images, please see: economicshift.org/page/press-1 or contact: Katarina Chowra, +46-70-635-8680, katarina.chowra at economicshift.org ; Emma Ihre, +467-33346540, emma.ihre at economicshift.org

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