A Pan European Concept for eSourcing and eProcurement

By Ebuilder, PRNE
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, May 26, 2011 -

- eBuilder and ATEXO Expand Their Public Sector Cloud Offering

The Swedish Cloud Process company eBuilder and the French e-government
software company ATEXO have agreed to embark upon a European cooperation that
will offer customers a complete solution with processes for eProcurement,
eSourcing, and supplier connections across Europe. Both companies have
extensive experience delivering IT solutions to government agencies and
organizations; together they have over a hundred government clients in
several European countries.

A Pan European e-Procurement Project

Government agencies are the largest buyers in the European Union;
government purchases in Europe account for about 16% of total GDP, which is
equal to EUR1,500 billion. But government agencies lag behind major
industries when it comes to electronic data exchange with suppliers for
eProcurement and eSourcing.

Governments want to manage their key processes with suppliers, such as
tenders, orders, delivery notes, catalogs, invoices, and payments
electronically. Lack of common standards for electronic information and a
common eProcurement infrastructure have been obstacles to achieving this
goal, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that want to
participate in public procurement processes in Europe. EU member states have
therefore put in place the PEPPOL project to transform public procurement
significantly with the goal of strengthening SME competitiveness and
participation. (PEPPOL stands for "Pan-European Public Procurement Online").

240 Swedish Government Agencies To Procure New IT-Solutions

From 2011 to 2013, over 200 Swedish government agencies and organizations
will procure new IT solutions for e-commerce. This same challenge awaits
virtually all countries in the EU.

"We have been designated as one of three suppliers to the ESV (Swedish
National Financial Management Authority), and we have also set up the Swedish
PEPPOL gateway - Sweden's procurement link to Europe. We are now building a
European network of strategic partners to support the implementation of
PEPPOL across the EU eBuilder's and ATEXO's common solution can be used by
all EU countries and Norway, as well as in other markets," says Lars Ringsby
senior vice president, Business Development, at eBuilder.

"Governments, local authorities and agencies are seeking efficiency in
their procurement. They need a global solution that ranges from tendering to
the end of the delivery-invoicing-payment process and that is designed to
comply with the legal specificities of public procurement" says Pierre Fau,
managing director at ATEXO.

The joint offering of eBuilder and ATEXO is the only integrated solution
for both pre-award and post-award public procurement. This cooperation is
long-lasting, originated in 2007 on the PROCURE project, a parent project of
PEPPOL, of cross-border European e-tendering. Leveraging on this experience,
ATEXO was involved in the specification of the Virtual Company Dossier of for
the PEPPOL architecture (pre-award).

This is PEPPOL

The broader vision for PEPPOL is that all companies in the EU and Norway,
including SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), can communicate
electronically with EU governmental institutions for all procurement
processes. The goal of the PEPPOL project is to establish a pan-European
pilot solution that can work together with existing national solutions and
facilitate the procurement process for all suppliers in the EU and Norway.
For more information, visit www.peppol.nu.

About eBuilder

eBuilder is a global leading provider of Cloud Processes that enable
companies and organizations to automate, control, and manage their value
networks for travel, purchasing and logistics. eBuilder is unique in its
ability to deliver multiple standard processes on the same platform and to
customize both processes and integrations. Today eBuilder has customers in
more than 60 countries. Operations are managed from Stockholm, Sweden, with
regional offices in Australia and Sri Lanka, as well as representative
offices in Finland and China. For more information, visit www.ebuilder.com.


ATEXO is a software company specialising in the Public Sector. It has
developed the LOCAL TRUST software suite enabling Public authorities to
dematerialize their functions and competencies. ATEXO has an 8 year
experience in the providing of SaaS e-tendering of public contracts to 120
large accounts of the Public sector in France and abroad. As a whole, ATEXO
manages the tendering process of over 100 000 public tenders of any type,
each year. ATEXO is based in Paris (France) and Rabat (Morocco).


Contact: Lars Ringsby, SVP Business Development - eBuilder, E-mail: lars.ringsby at eBuilder.com
Phone: +46-70-577-22-40

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