eBuilder Delivers its Cloud-based Travel Solution to Volvo Cars

By Ebuilder, PRNE
Monday, November 22, 2010

STOCKHOLM, November 23, 2010 - Swedish eBuilder has been contracted to supply its travel and expense
management functionality to Volvo Cars (VCC) during the next three years.
Initially the solution will be available to all Volvo Car employees in Sweden
and Belgium with the possibility for a global rollout in the future. The
service, provided on a convenient subscription basis, began on November 15,

"We won this order thanks to several factors: our exceptional
functionality, architecture, delivery time and financing model," says Bengt
, eBuilder co-founder and CEO. "Ease of use is also a real strength.
Volvo employees will be able to quickly enter their expenditures. The net
benefit on both the individual user level and the organizational level is
less administration and fewer errors."

Unique advantages yield big savings

The most crucial aspect of eBuilder Travel is the system's ability to
integrate all the participants in the customer's travel value network. This
includes thousands of collaborating businesses, such as airlines, railroads,
hotel chains, car rental companies, credit card issuers, banks and tax
authorities. These integrations, together with eBuilder's business logic,
give customers one highly optimized and smoothly functioning application with
which to handle their employees travel needs, from orders to reimbursements.
In the process, the customer gains total end-to-end control of their
organization's travel processes.

Gathering all travel-related expenses into one comprehensive cloud system
makes it much easier to analyze statistics and travel-related costs. For
example, eBuilder Travel performs accurate cost projections to enable more
effective budgeting and allotment of financial responsibility. The system
also provides automatic calculations of Per Diems as well as important
tax-related inputs for both the Swedish and Belgian tax authorities. "We're
pleased to be making this delivery to the newly independent Volvo Cars," says
Wallentin. "With our strong internal culture of innovation, our customers put
high demands on our functionality, flexibility and user friendliness. This,
in combination with short delivery time, again proves that we can
successfully deliver our Cloud Processes to the largest corporations."

Presently, some 75 corporations, 350 companies and 400,000 employees in
the private and public sector use eBuilder's travel functionality in their
electronic business processes. In many cases, eBuilder has helped these
organizations slash travel-administration costs by 50% and actual travel
costs by 20 to 30%.

About eBuilder

eBuilder is the leading global supplier of Cloud Processes that enable
companies and organizations to automate, control, and manage their value
networks for Travel and Expense Management, Procurement, Supply Chain, and
Financial Transactions. eBuilder is unique in its ability to deliver many
standard processes on the same platform and to customize both processes and
integrations. Today, eBuilder has customers in over 60 countries. Operations
are managed from Stockholm, Sweden with regional offices in Australia and Sri
. We have over 500.000 end users. For more information please contact:

    Bengt Wallentin, CEO eBuilder
    E-mail: Bengt.Wallentin@ebuilder.com
    Phone: +46-73-545-22-63

Bengt Wallentin, CEO eBuilder, E-mail: Bengt.Wallentin at ebuilder.com, Phone: +46-73-545-22-63

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