ABTCP: Paper Manufacturers Should Invest to Expand Competitiveness in Brazil

By Abtcp, PRNE
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SAO PAULO, September 14, 2011 -


- Challenges to growth of the paper industry are the theme of ABTCP 2011 - 44th Congress and International Exposition on Pulp and Paper

The good performance of the Brazilian economy has favored an increase in paper consumption, chiefly for packaging and tissue paper, used for sanitary purposes, but to achieve greater international competitiveness, Brazilian paper faces challenges. This is one of the themes to be presented at ABTCP 2011 - 44th Congress and International Exposition on Pulp and Paper, the largest gathering in Latin American on pulp and paper, promoted by the ABTCP - Brazilian Technical Association of Pulp and Paper, that happens between the 3rd and 5th of October in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

According to estimates of ABPO - Brazilian Association of Corrugated Cardboard, sales of corrugated cardboard, used for packaging, should grow 3.5% this year. To maintain the growth and competitiveness of the sector, however, the ABTCP is giving notice that it is necessary to invest more in the renovation of equipment, new products, an increase of scale and innovation, as well as a reduction of logistical and infrastructure problems.

The high productivity of planted forests of pine and eucalyptus, wood quality, energy efficiency in factories and qualified staff in technology are factors that favor the paper industry, but there are challenges.

According to the technical manager of ABTCP, Afonso Moura, logistics is challenging because of the difficulty of movement, since the product requires special transportation and factories are often distant from consumers, which hinders immediate product delivery. Precarious conditions of roads and ports make domestic transport and to MERCOSUL more expensive, and reduce competitiveness in relation to imports.

ABTCP also emphasizes the need to modernize the production in paper factories, lagged in relation to the pulp industry. The professional qualification also influence competitiveness. “We want to train professionals to develop knowledge of papermaking with fibers of 100% Brazilian Eucalyptus spp, an unprecedented condition for international producers” said Moura.

These issues will be debated at ABTCP 2011 - 44th Congress and International Exposition on Cellulose and Paper, which will also be featuring the 1st Latin American Symposium on Packaging Paper.

ABTCP 2011
44th Congress and International Exposition on Pulp and Paper
Where: Transamerica Expo Center
When: October 3rd through 5th
More information at: www.abtcp2011.org.br

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