ad pepper Media Launches RTB Platform - adXplus

By Ad Pepper Media Germany Gmbh, PRNE
Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NUREMBERG, Germany, September 8, 2011 -

- Innovative Real-time Bidding Platform Ensures Impressions are Safely Delivered in Real-time to the Right User in the Right Context

ad pepper media - the leading international digital marketing services and technology solutions provider, today announced the launch of adXplus, its proprietary real-time bidding (RTB) platform. adXplus enables advertisers to reach their target audience, in true context and with full brand protection measures, across all of the leading RTB enabled ad exchanges and sell-side platforms as well as ad pepper media’s own publisher network.

The adXplus platform features a wealth of components including a proprietary 12 language page level semantic analysis technology suite - comprising language detection, semantic targeting to over 3,500 categories, 18 category brand protection filters, URL level black & white list management and audience re-targeting. These functions combined with sophisticated bidding and ad optimization algorithms enable the platform to only bid for, buy and deliver impressions to web pages and users that precisely match each advertiser’s brand safety, audience and contextual targeting criteria whilst also meeting their ROI metrics. adXplus offers pinpoint accuracy, minimizes wastage while ensuring advertisers can safely maximize reach across the huge diversity of inventory available from the various RTB sources.

adXplus is available as a fully managed service, operated by dedicated support teams based in ad pepper media’s 16 offices across Europe and North America, supporting global campaigns and leveraging the company’s 10+ years expertise in delivering effective media campaigns.

“adXplus has been designed to constantly adjust bid values for each and every impression based on a multitude of data criteria including user, context and performance enabling us to deliver the right ad to the right user and context yielding the best possible campaign performance,” said Sacha Carton, Director Product & Technology Development and Director of the Board who is leading the platform’s development. “The URL level brand protection controls we have built in enable advertisers to deliver their ads in brand safe environments whilst benefiting from the reach and content diversity afforded by the millions of websites available through RTB.”

“adXplus is the fruit of the extensive technology investments we have made in recent years which now allow us to bring highly efficient next generation media buying, delivery, reporting and optimization capabilities to our European and International clients,” said Ulrich Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of ad pepper media International N.V. “Leveraging our platform’s semantic analysis capabilities in 12 languages we are uniquely positioned to lead the expansion of RTB advertising spend in Europe and Internationally.”

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ad pepper media is one of the leading international digital marketing services and technology solutions provider. The company provides a broad range of display, lead generation, email, search engine and affiliate marketing services as well as semantic targeting, ad serving and eCRM technology solutions to media agencies, advertisers and publishers. With 16 branches in eight European countries and the USA, ad pepper media is currently managing campaigns for thousands of national and international advertisers in more than 50 countries.

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