Adform and YouGov Enter Into Innovative Partnership

By Adform, PRNE
Monday, February 7, 2011

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, February 8, 2011 - The market research institute YouGov has announced a technology
integration with digital marketing company Adform's platform of the same
name. The exclusive partnership means that by using Adform, customers can now
test how one or more banner ads are received by the target group before a
campaign is launched. In addition to providing valuable input for optimising
the campaign material, it is also possible to map new attitudes amongst
target groups.

The tool, which is called AdSurvey, does not focus on click rates, but
provides qualitative answers to whether a given online campaign strikes a
chord with the consumer. Unlike focus group surveys, for example, the test
can be implemented immediately, with an answer after just two to three days.
It involves an automatic process, where it is possible to conduct tests on
the basis of parameters such as the target group's age and gender. The
answers are collected from 150 selected respondents via YouGov's global panel
of more than two million people.

"Unfortunately there are many examples of online campaigns which fail to
strike home correctly because of factors such as confusing communication or
poor knowledge about a target group. With AdSurvey, online campaigns can be
tested prior to launching or while they are running so the banner message can
be tailored specifically, resulting in better reception. At the same time,
this close user involvement can provide valuable inspiration for new
initiatives vis-a-vis the target group," says Lars Anthonisen, Marketing
Director at Adform.

AdSurvey functions as a testing tool where the respondents give their
views on a banner on the basis of various statements and questions. The
feedback will quickly reveal whether the message appeals to the target group,
whether the layout of the banner is too confusing or whether there are, for
example, any misleading elements. In addition, all the results are
benchmarked so that advertisers can see whether the responses deviate from
industry norms allowing them to act on the basis of qualified data.

"We are always on the lookout for new and innovative business
initiatives, and we are delighted with the new collaboration with Adform. The
partnership agreement has opened up the possibility of having an integrated,
qualitative tool which advertisers will be able to use to optimise their
online campaigns in a completely new way," says Niels Hasager, Sales Director
at YouGov.

AdSurvey is a supplementary service supplied by Adform in collaboration
with YouGov, where 'liking' and awareness of a banner message are tested. The
product will initially be launched in Scandinavia and then offered to
customers worldwide during 2011.

About Adform

Adform is a leading supplier of products and services within digital
marketing. The company was founded in 2002 and offers a digital universal
solution consisting of campaign planning, ad serving, search machine
marketing, web analytics and reporting. More than 2,700 customers have run
campaigns in more than 4,900 global media in more than 25 countries via
Adform in 2010, and today, Adform has offices in London, Hamburg, Stockholm,
Oslo, Milan, Wroclaw, Vilnius and Copenhagen. Visit for
more information.

About YouGov

YouGov is a professional market research institute and consultancy
organisation which has been a frontrunner in using the Internet as a
data-gathering medium for market surveys. YouGov has built up a Nordic panel
with 150,000 members who represent all age groups, socioeconomic strata and
other demographic groups. YouGov has six offices in Scandinavia and is based
in Copenhagen. Worldwide, the YouGov group has more than two million panel
members with an international head office in London.

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