Adform Launches new Generation of Intelligent Banner Advertising

By Adform, PRNE
Monday, June 6, 2011

COPENHAGEN, June 7, 2011 -

Online advertising is increasingly about technology and valuable
know-how. In a market where tough competition means wildly fluctuating click
rates, the ability to effectively reach the target segment with the right
message at the right time is ever more crucial. With digital marketing
company Adform's new generation of intelligent banner advertisements, the
message can be tailored to the individual user to a degree hitherto unseen.

The so-called AdVise banners are intelligent and can be put together
fully automatically to reflect the interests and customary actions of the
individual internet user. For instance, if a person puts a holiday in China
in his shopping basket without actually buying anything, the banner display
will prioritise offers to the last selected destination over trips to, say,
Crete or Egypt. The advertising travel agency can collate such a wealth of
detail that, for example, online recommendations to friends can also be
included in the prioritisation data and multiple products can be displayed in
the same banner if required. Additionally, all data is updated in real time.
Therefore prices will be 100% correct and sold-out holidays will never be

The concept has just been launched internationally under the name Product
Targeting. The solution, available via Adform's online platform, is the
result of major developmental advances in traditional retargeting. A demo of
Product Targeting can be seen here:

"Intelligent banner advertisements are most certainly a phenomenon that
we will see a lot more of in the future," says S0ren Notander Clausen,
Digital Director of media agency OMD in Denmark. "This is something that will
enable large companies to substantially reduce their advertising costs by
ensuring effective communication with the right target segment, while at the
same time the consumer has greater interest in receiving messages that he or
she actually finds relevant. This product from Adform offers tremendous

Lars M. B. Anthonisen, Marketing Director at Adform, adds:
"Unfortunately, display advertising on the net is often mistakenly associated
with costly banner campaigns that are ineffective in reaching the right
target segment. For the advertiser, Product Targeting has a dramatically
positive impact on ROI as it enables the message to be tailored in such a way
as to persuade the modern consumer to react to an advertisement. Our product
is a pioneering innovation in the field of effective marketing."

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