AHEB Investment Group In Joint Venture To Create UK Eco Park

By Aheb Investment Group, PRNE
Thursday, December 15, 2011

MANCHESTER, England, December 16, 2011 -

AHEB Investment Group proudly announces its newest innovative project as it embarks on its second joint venture with Quicksilver Project Management Ltd., a UK based company. This one of a kind undertaking will see the creation of an almost no emissions and waste sustainable ecological enterprise, resulting in the largest biomass to energy installation in the world.

The coupled resources and know-how of all parties, associates and project sponsors involved will ensure that this unique project, with the enormity and challenges it provides, will be delivered on time and on budget.

The first joint venture of the 2 companies was established over a year ago to offer selective clients of AHEB Investment Group bespoke project management services, and the expertise that comes with it, over the course of their projects, including all pre-planning and implementation phases.

As the partnership begins to grow in both strength and proficiency, this newest of ventures which includes a Centre of Excellence Eco-Park, based on sustainable ecological design, is an exciting further step for both companies.

Spread across 300 acres of land, this development will boast the largest waste to energy facility, the world’s largest aquaponics installation taking advantage of the latest hydroponics and aquaculture technologies, and an eco-park which should have no rivals. The university level research and development departments will strive to further develop sustainable forestry and food sources, and focus on the development of renewable power.

Commenting on the considerable diversity of the installation, AHEB Investment Group Managing Director Mr. Andreas Charalambous said it was important that almost all the waste emissions from this project would be recycled and used for other purposes. He explains: “Waste and heat emissions will be recycled to heat the facility where needed, or keep it cool during the summer months, whereas photosynthetic reactions will be enhanced by purifying the carbon dioxide emissions resulting in higher quality and yields of fruit growth. The end result is that this project will contribute sustainable, grid quality energy supplies whilst concurrently helping to improve exports in the form of vegetables, fish and high grade timber aimed at domestic consumption.”

Around 15,000 cubic metres of water will be provided by a desalination plant to both local infrastructure and site installations by utilizing heat surplus from the power generators, whilst further exploitation of carbon dioxide will be absorbed by specially designed plantations in order to improve carbon sequestration.

Charalambous further emphasises the fact that the end produce coming from the planned agricultural and hydroponics plants will be of premium quality: “The planned exports products resulting from the plant processes, including fruit and fish, will be destined for European and Middle Eastern markets to ensure no commercial threat to local aquaculture and hydroponic businesses, whilst maintaining a profitable and one of a kind business model for this waste facility.” It is clear that the enormity and scale of this project is an immense challenge, but this is precisely why the expertise and resource of the joint venture between AHEB Investment Group and QuickSilver Project Management Ltd have been selected to manage it. The enormity and scale of this project is indeed a challenge, however the expertise and resources of this joint venture have been selected precisely to ensure a cost effective and on time delivery..”

David Hamilton of Quicksilver Project Management comments: “We are overly pleased to yet again be part of a joint venture of this complexity and size which is where our expertise really provides value. Partnering with AHEB Investment Group, will truly allow us to best utilize our combined knowledge and resources, to ensure this Eco-Park will hit each and every milestone on time and within budget, in a highly effective manner, whilst adhering to all constraints. “

For further information on the project or for possible investor opportunities please contact AHEB Investment Group at www.ahebgroup.com, email info@ahebgroup.com or call +1-347-4166069.

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