Ahmadi Muslims Meet in Wake of Terror Attacks

By Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Uk, PRNE
Monday, July 26, 2010

Security High After Extremists Target Community That has Pledged Itself to Peace

ALTON, England, July 27, 2010 - Members of a Muslim Community in Britain are meeting in the wake of the
worst terrorist attacks in their history.

200 people were killed or injured in a double suicide and gun attack on
Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore in May.

Now 30,000 Ahmadi Muslims are expected to gather in Hampshire to hear
Muslim scholars discuss Islam's response to such crises.

The community, which unites under the banner Love for All, Hatred for
None, has pledged to stand resolute in their commitment to peace and not to
retaliate against extremism.

The worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hadhrat Mirza
Masroor Ahmad, has told followers that they must not be deflected from the
central belief that Islam is a religion of peace and this must be put it into

He said: "Those who love and yearn for peace should stand united against
terror and 'jihadist' violence. Extremists are creating havoc and seek to
destroy those who disagree with their dogma. We will continue to respond with
patience and prayer and will never give up our belief and trust in God.

"We are a community of peace, even in the face of such adversity. By
spreading a message of peace, we can extinguish the flames of hatred."

The three-day Islamic convention at the end of July is the biggest annual
gathering of Muslims in Britain. Security has been stepped up not only
because of the terrorist attacks in Lahore, but because messages of hate are
being preached regularly via satellite TV and the internet.

Mr Rafiq Hayat, National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association

"Extremist preachers are spreading messages of hate and encouraging
followers to kill Ahmadi Muslims. Though satellite TV, and also through their
mosques and public meetings, extremists remain intent on murder and mayhem
for anyone who disagrees with their philosophy. Leaflets have been
distributed in British cities too about eradicating the Ahmadis.

"We have increased our security, check-in and vetting procedures in order
to safeguard delegates and visitors to the convention. We cannot let
terrorists and extremists deflect us from our mission which is to practice
Islam as a religion of peace."

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