New CAMHS Tier 4 Service for Young People With Autism Opening December

By Arventa Healthcare, PRNE
Wednesday, November 24, 2010

POTTERS BAR, England, November 25, 2010 - The Hawksmere Centre, Healthcare and Education for Young People with
Autism, is the UK's first CAMHS Tier 4 service designed to meet the
challenging and complex needs of young people with autism and Asperger
syndrome. The Centre provides a national inpatient service, offering a safe
and secure environment which can respond flexibly and robustly to the
individual young person's needs.

Quote from Christina Wallis, General Manager, The Hawksmere Centre:

"The National Autistic Society's campaign, 'You Need to Know' clearly
echos our experiences and belief that too many young people with autism are
not getting early or appropriate support, which could lead to the development
of mental health issues and can have a long term implications on their
emotional wellbeing and life opportunities. The Hawksmere Centre focuses on
providing person centred care for young people with Autism and Asperger
syndrome when they may be experiencing mental health issues, forensic issues,
crisis in their current placement or require a period of assessment. Our aim
is to work with individuals, their families and commissioners to create a
care, treatment and management plan that manages risk whilst maximising
opportunity and personal development. "

Notes for Editors:

Arventa Healthcare

Established in 2009, Arventa Healthcare was formed by a group of care
professionals experienced in working with young people with Autism and
Asperger syndrome. We believe that young people with Autistic Spectrum
Conditions (ASC) are unique and deserve a service that will recognise,
understand and meet their individual needs and be able to support their
transition into adulthood via an ASC specific care pathway. Arventa
Healthcare is proud to announce the opening of The Hawksmere Centre -
Healthcare and Education for Young People with Autism.

The Hawksmere Centre is the UK's first Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Service (CAMHS) exclusively for young people with Autism and Asperger
syndrome. This specialist service will provide a person centred care package
enabling young people with ASC to continue their education whilst receiving
intensive assessment, therapeutic intervention and support in a safe and
secure environment.

As a CAMHS Tier 4 service Hawksmere plays an important role in the
intervention and prevention of adolescent mental health problems. Appropriate
early intervention can help to reduce the need for adult in-patient mental
health services.

For further information please visit our website at or contact us on +44(0)1707-39-39-39

Contact: Lesa McAnulty/Louise Barua, Arventa Healthcare +44(0)1707-39-39-39

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