Aito Introduces Customer Experience Analytics to Uzbekistan Mobile Market

By Aito Technologies Oy, PRNE
Monday, February 14, 2011

UCell Looks to Aito for Analysis of Usage Trends and Subscriber Data

BARCELONA, Spain, February 15, 2011 - Aito Technologies, a provider of customer experience analytics (CEA),
today announced an agreement with UCell, the second largest operator in
Uzbekistan, to deploy its analytics product suite. Aito CEA will enable UCell
to enhance user experience, identify specific customer segments, optimise
service creation, sales and marketing.

The Aito CEA product suite will help UCell to meet the growing consumer
demand for a diverse array of services, ranging from voice and data to mobile
broadband services. UCell will use Aito CEA to analyse subscriber data, and
usage information, to develop a better understanding of the customer base.
The information will enable UCell to refine the creation and provision of a
diverse range of services targeted at specific customer segments.

UCell is the second largest mobile operator in Uzbekistan with a customer
base of more than 7 million subscribers, which accounts for approximately 32
percent of the domestic market. Uzbekistan is a rapidly expanding
marketplace. Mobile penetration rate currently stands at 75 per cent and is
continuing to rise. The consumer demand for mobile services is increasing, as
is competition, fuelled by significant investments in the region by tier one

Aito has been selected by UCell because of its ability to provide data
analysis in a format that can be easily understood and acted upon by sales
and marketing as well as the technical teams. The data analysis can be turned
around quickly, which will enable UCell to respond to market trends and
customer preferences, reduce churn, and increase customer acquisition.

Mahbuba Sadikova, Chief Marketing Officer at UCell, explained: "The
mobile communication industry in Uzbekistan has experienced remarkable
growth over the past few years. UCell has played a major part in the
development of this market and we are currently the second largest
operator in the country. Aito's analytics will help us to further
strengthen of our position and increasing our market share by developing
services that are tailored to specific customer segments. The analytics
provide us with a set of results that can be accessed easily by the sales
and marketing teams, enabling them to respond quickly to changing market
conditions and meet demand."

Anssi Tauriainen, CEO of Aito Technologies, commented: "The partnership
with UCell represents a step into the Eurasian market and ties in with our
strategy to continue to expand globally. The contract with UCell is further
acknowledgement of the value of analytics and the benefits that they can
provide for operators. In UCell's case customer experience analytics will
enable the operator to strengthen its position in a highly competitive
market, develop accurate profiles of its customers and enhance service
performance. The data will also be used to underpin sales and marketing
campaigns to attract and retain customers."

About Aito Technologies Oy

Founded in 2006, Aito Technologies Oy is a developer of innovative and
unique Customer Experience Analytics product suite for network operators and
digital service providers. As the brainchild of a group of telecom innovators
with network and software vendor, research and operator backgrounds, Aito is
able to provide a unique approach responding to the market needs.

Aito is used to manage the experience and behaviour of tens of millions
of customers around the world, everyday. Aito software, which incorporates
Business Development and Customer Reporting functionalities, simplifies the
understanding of the customer experience environment, providing key business
management stakeholders with the richest end-to-end view of their customers
through clear and relevant information in an easy-to-use form, within
minutes, anytime. Aito brings speed, agility and business impact to decision
making with Customer Experience Analytics.

About UCell

FE COSCOM LLC. is a part of TeliaSonera group and operates under
UCell trademark in Uzbekistan. In November 2010 the company had more than 7
million subscribers. TeliaSonera provides telecommunication services in the
Nordic and Baltic countries, the emerging markets of Eurasia, including
Russia and Turkey, and in Spain. TeliaSonera is now in 20 markets with close
to 460 million inhabitants. The number of subscriptions in September 2010
reached over 157 million. For January-September 2010, TeliaSonera's net sales
amounted to approximately USD 11 billion and TeliaSonera had around 30,000

    For further information about Aito, please contact:

    Matt Humphries at Babel PR

    Tel: +44(0)207-434-5550

For further information about Aito, please contact: Matt Humphries at Babel PR, Tel: +44(0)207-434-5550

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