Nottingham University Cuts Costs Using Install Once, Publish Anywhere CMS Strategy

By Contensis, PRNE
Monday, February 14, 2011

NOTTINGHAM, England, February 15, 2011 - Nottingham University is publishing a dedicated website for its Chinese
campus - but has ducked the traditional staff and infrastructure costs thanks
to its choice of content management software.

The university re-launched its main UK site almost a year ago using the
flexible and user-friendly Contensis (
web CMS solution.

Now, with a need for a dedicated Chinese website (, that investment in Contensis is
paying off in a number of ways. As well as having multi-lingual capabilities
out-of-the-box, Contensis allows managers to publish unique content to
servers situated around the globe - allowing for local delivery of customised
content without the lag and processing overhead of relying on central servers
to power all sites.

While most CMS products rely on central storage and serving of content,
Contensis allows IT managers the flexibility to push multiple versions of
their site to multiple locations around the world, often in different
languages and on varying server platforms.

Tom Wright, web team leader for Nottingham University, said: "This is a
huge step forward for us in ensuring that our international campuses make use
of the same technologies, avoiding additional costs and simplifying support,
which has been a significant milestone for us."

Because Contensis provides a multi-lingual module, and most of its
modules are already available in eight languages, publishing a non-English
website could barely be simpler.

Key site functionality is ready to be dropped into templates in those
eight languages and a gallery that allows content mangers to instantly create
pre-styled rich media content (without having to call on a designer) smoothes
the process even further.

Richard Chivers, Chief Technical Officer of Contensis, explained: "Both
Contensis and the team at Nottingham University are agreed that ninety per
cent of everyday CMS requirements should be met out-of-the-box and, true to
that, they have delivered their new Chinese site with only a few hours of
consultancy from us.

"The capability to push a unique site out to servers in China, while
being developed and maintained from the UK Contensis installation has saved
time and costs for Nottingham University. Other clients we have use this
capability to publish identical versions of the same site to servers around
the world, to keep response times to a minimum for their users. It's all
about flexibility. You can use Contensis in the way that you need to."

Contact: Tim Coles, +44(0)1584-824206,

Contact: Tim Coles, +44(0)1584-824206, t.coles at

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