Alcatel-Lucent Continues its Momentum Into 2011 With a Strong Start to the Year: 15% Top Line Year-Over-Year Growth in Q1'11 & Positive Adjusted Operating Profit

By Alcatel-lucent, PRNE
Thursday, May 5, 2011

PARIS, May 6, 2011 - Key numbers for the First quarter 2011

- Revenues of Euro 3.740 billion, up 15.2% year-over-year

- Adjusted(2) gross profit of Euro 1.354 billion or 36.2% of revenues

- Adjusted(2) operating income(1) of Euro 13 million or 0.3% of revenues

- Operating cash flow(3) of Euro 169 million

- Net (debt)/cash of Euro 106 million as of March 31, 2011

Executive Commentary

Ben Verwaayen, CEO, commented:

"We have started this year the way we ended the last, increasing growth,
profit and global strength, and to do so in the first quarter is particularly

He added:

"A favourable geographic and product mix impacted positively our gross
margin while actions on fixed costs have been taken which will drive further
efficiency gains during the course of the year. We improved our free cash
flow by more than Euro 200 million compared to the year ago quarter.

Market momentum remains robust, driven by demand for more capacity and
service delivery capabilities in many geographies. While we are facing some
difficulties with our supply chain, we believe those challenges will have a
limited impact on our business performance thanks to rapid actions taken.
With a strong start to the year, we are reaffirming our full-year outlook to
grow faster than our addressable market with an adjusted operating margin
above 5% of our 2011 sales."

Key Highlights

First quarter revenue increased 15.2% year-over-year and decreased 23.1%
sequentially to Euro 3.740 billion. At constant currency exchange rates and
perimeter, revenue increased 13.9% year-over-year and decreased 21.6%
sequentially. Networks saw a strong year-over-year increase in revenue with
all divisions growing. IP revenues maintained a very strong pace of growth
with an increase of more than 20% as did wireless with an increase close to
34% driven by 3G defined as the sum of WCDMA & CDMA EV-DO and 4G
technologies. The optics division posted sales growth both in submarine and
terrestrial transmission and wireline benefited from good growth in GPON and
IPDSLAM. Applications revenues posted a year-over-year high single digit
increase with Networks applications growing at a double digit rate and
Enterprise applications increasing close to 6%. Services revenues grew at a
low single digit rate with strong double digit growth for Network & System
integration. From a geographic standpoint, growth in North America
accelerated again this quarter at 40% year-over-year, Rest of World grew at a
low double digit rate driven by Brazil and Mexico. Asia Pacific grew slightly
thanks to China, somewhat compensated by lower sales in the rest of the
region and Europe declined 1% year-over-year with Eastern Europe and Western
declining at roughly the same pace.

Adjusted(2) operating(1) income of Euro 13 million or 0.3% of revenue.
Gross margin came in at 36.2% of revenue for the quarter, compared to 32.6%
in the year ago quarter and 36.2% in the fourth quarter 2010. The
year-over-year increase in gross margin was driven by a very good
geographical and product mix. The sequential stability in the gross margin
results from a decrease in volumes compensated by a better geographical &
product mix. Operating expenses increased 7.0% year-over-year on a reported
basis and adjusted for constant currency, the increase is 5.7%
year-over-year primarily driven by an increase in R&D spending related to
new product development in IP and wireless and an increase in SG&A spending
related to seasonal accruals activity. On a sequential basis, operating
expenses decreased by 1.8% as reported and by 1.5% at constant currency
reflecting a decrease in R&D.

Reported net loss (group share) of Euro (10) million or Euro (0.00) per
share. This includes a one-time gain of Euro 69 million pre-tax and after tax
related to an amendment of the U.S management pension plan. Purchase Price
Adjustments amounted to Euro (68) million pre-tax and to Euro (42) million
after tax.

Net (debt)/cash of Euro 106 million, versus Euro 362 million as of
December 31, 2010 (the value of the net debt for past quarters has been
restated from previous reported figures to take into account the
Mark-to-Market of foreign exchange derivatives on intergroup loans). The
sequential decrease in net cash of Euro 256 million primarily reflects the
positive operating cash flow of Euro 169 million partly offset with interests
expenses of Euro (100) million, restructuring cash outlays of Euro (82)
, contribution to pensions and OPEB of Euro (46) million and capital
expenditures of Euro (134) million. The positive operating cash flow results
from the level of adjusted operating income and a decrease in operating
working capital requirements of Euro 82 million.

Funded status of Pensions and OPEB of Euro 10 million at end of March,
compared to Euro (516) million as of December 31, 2010. Excluding currency
impact, the improvement of the funded status of Pensions & OPEB mainly
results from an increase of the fair value of the plan assets for Euro 451
and a positive impact of Euro 69 million from an amendment of the U.S
management pension plan. Effective 1st of April, an amendment of the
management pension plan has been signed in February 2011 to include a lump
sum option for the active employees who are eligible for service pensions.
The accounting impact is a credit of around Euro 69 million in the P&L
recorded in the first quarter 2011 which increases by the same amount the
IFRS funded status at the end of March 2011.

Reported Results

In the first quarter, the reported net loss (group share) was Euro (10)
or Euro (0.00) per diluted share (USD (0.01) per ADS) including the
negative after tax impact from Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) entries of
Euro (42) million.

    Reported Profit & Loss          First   First  % change  Fourth  % change
    Statement                      quarter quarter   y-o-y   quarter   q-o-q
    (In Euro million
    except for EPS)                  2011    2010 (% or pt)    2010 (% or pt)

    Revenues                       3,740   3,247    15.2%    4,862   -23.1%
    Gross profit                   1,354   1,058    28.0%    1,759   -23.0%
    in % of revenues                36.2%   32.6%    3.6 pt   36.2%    0.0 pt
    Operating income / (loss)(1)     (55)   (263)     Nm       321     Nm
    in % of revenues                -1.5%   -8.1%    6.6 pt    6.6%   -8.1 pt
    Net income (loss) (Group share)  (10)   (515)     Nm       340      Nm
    EPS diluted (in Euro)          (0.00)  (0.23)     Nm      0.13      Nm
    E/ADS* diluted (in USD)        (0.01)  (0.31)     Nm      0.17      Nm
    Number of diluted shares
    (million)                    2,260.8 2,259.7     0.0%  2,956.6   -23.5%

*E/ADS calculated using the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York noon
Euro/dollar buying rate of USD 1.4183 as of March 31st, 2011; 1.3526 as of
March 31st, 2010 and 1.3269 as of December 30, 2010.

Adjusted Results

In addition to the reported results, Alcatel-Lucent is providing adjusted
results in order to provide meaningful comparable information, which exclude
the main non-cash impacts from Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) entries in
relation to the Lucent business combination. The first quarter 2011 adjusted2
net profit (group share) was Euro 32 million or Euro 0.01 per diluted share
(USD 0.02 per ADS), which includes a restructuring charge of Euro (31)
, a net financial gain of Euro 17 million, an adjusted tax expense of
Euro (38) million and a non controlling interests charge of Euro (5) million.

    Adjusted Profit & Loss          First   First  % change  Fourth  % change
    Statement                      quarter quarter   y-o-y   quarter   q-o-q
    (In Euro million except for EPS) 2011   2010  (% or pt)  2010   (% or pt)

    Revenues                       3,740   3,247    15.2%    4,862   -23.1%
    Gross profit                   1,354   1,058    28.0%    1,760   -23.1%
    in % of revenues                36.2%   32.6%    3.6 pt   36.2%    0.0 pt
    Operating income / (loss)(1)      13    (195)     Nm       394      Nm
    in % of revenues                 0.3%   -6.0%    6.3 pt    8.1%   -7.8 pt
    Net income (loss) (Group share)   32    (473)     Nm       385      Nm
    EPS diluted (in Euro)           0.01   (0.21)     Nm      0.14      Nm
    E/ADS* diluted (in USD)         0.02   (0.28)     Nm      0.19      Nm
    Number of diluted shares
    (million)                    2,300.5 2,259.7     1.8%  2,956.6   -22.2%

*E/ADS calculated using the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York noon
Euro/dollar buying rate of USD 1.4183 as of March 31st, 2011; 1.3526 as of
March 31st, 2010 and 1.3269 as of December 30, 2010.

    Key Figures

    Geographic breakdown  First   First  % change  Fourth  % change
    of revenues          quarter quarter   y-o-y   quarter   q-o-q
    (In Euro million)     2011    2010   (% or pt)  2010   (% or pt)

    North America         1,558   1,114    39.9%    1,669    -6.7%
    Asia Pacific            540     531     1.7%      893   -39.5%
    Europe                1,124   1,145    -1.8%    1,532   -26.6%
    RoW                     518     457    13.3%      768   -32.6%
    Total group revenues  3,740   3,247    15.2%    4,862   -23.1%

    Group breakdown                First   First  % change  Fourth  % change
    of revenues                   quarter quarter   y-o-y   quarter   q-o-q
    (In Euro million)              2011    2010   (% or pt)  2010   (% or pt)

    Networks                      2,418   1,928     25.4%    2,952    -18.1%
    - o/w IP                        349     272     28.3%      508    -31.3%
    - o/w Optics                    654     567     15.3%      815    -19.8%
    - o/w Wireless                1,118     819     36.5%    1,156     -3.3%
    - o/w Wireline                  309     298      3.7%      488    -36.7%
    - o/w eliminations              (12)    (28)      Nm       (15)      Nm
    Applications                    451     416      8.4%      575    -21.6%
    - o/w Enterprise Applications   285     271      5.2%      330    -13.6%
    - o/w Networks Applications     166     149     11.4%      251    -33.9%
    - o/w eliminations                0      (4)      Nm        (6)      Nm
    Services                        809     772      4.8%    1,140    -29.0%
    Other & eliminations             62     131       Nm       195      Nm
    Total group revenues          3,740   3,247     15.2%    4,862    -23.1%

    Breakdown of group             First   First  % change  Fourth  % change
    operating income (1) (loss)   quarter quarter   y-o-y   quarter   q-o-q
    (in Euro million)              2011    2010   (% or pt)  2010   (% or pt)

    Networks                        63     (128)    Nm       229       Nm
    In % of revenues               2.6%    -6.6%   9.2 pt    7.8%    -5.2 pt
    Applications                   (15)     (27)    Nm        47       Nm
    In % of revenues              -3.3%    -6.5%   3.2 pt    8.2%   -11.5 pt
    Services                       (21)     (40)    Nm        88       Nm
    In % of revenues              -2.6%    -5.2%   2.6 pt    7.7%   -10.3 pt
    Other & eliminations           (14)       0     Nm        30       Nm
    Total group op. income (loss)   13     (195)    Nm       394       Nm
    In % of revenues               0.3%    -6.0%   6.3 pt    8.1%    -7.8 pt

    Cash Flow highlights       First quarter Fourth quarter First quarter
    (In Euro million )             2011           2010          2010

    Net (debt)/cash at
    beginning of period            362           (249)           903
    Adjusted operating
    income / (loss)                 13            394           (195)
    Depreciation & Amort;
    OP non cash; other**           171            116            176
    Op. Cash Flow before
    change in WCR*                 184            510            (19)
    Change in operating WCR         82              2            219
    Change in other working
    capital**                      (97)           190           (186)
    Operating Cash Flow (3)        169            702             14
    Interest                      (100)           (12)          (108)
    Taxes                          (20)            12            (22)
    Cash contribution to
    pension & OPEB                 (46)           (62)           (44)
    Restructuring cash outlays     (82)           (91)          (137)
    Cash flow from operating
    activities                     (79)           549           (297)
    Capital expenditures
    (incl. R&D cap.)              (134)          (230)          (132)
    Free Cash Flow                (213)           319           (429)
    Discontinued, Cash from
    financing & Forex              (43)           292             59
    Change in net(debt)/
    cash position                 (256)           611           (370)
    Net (debt)/cash at
    end of period                  106            362            533

    * Before changes in working capital, interest/tax paid, restructuring
      cash outlay and pension & OPEB cash outlay
    **Changes compare to past figures coming from netting FX impact

    Statement of position - Assets               March 31, Dec 31, March 31,
    (In Euro million)                               2011     2010     2010
    Total non-current assets                       11,391   12,097   12,099
    of which Goodwill & intangible assets, net      6,113    6,426    6,590
    of which Prepaid pension costs                  2,510    2,746    2,602
    of which Other non-current assets               2,768    2,925    2,907
    Total current assets                           11,346   12,779   12,184
    of which OWC assets                             5,673    6,034    5,554
    of which other current assets                   1,216    1,056    1,323
    of which marketable securities,
    cash & cash equivalents                         4,457    5,689    5,307
    Total assets                                   22,737   24,876   24,283

    Statement of position-Liabilities and equity  March 31, Dec 31, March 31,
    (In Euro million)                               2011     2010     2010

    Total equity                                   4,114    4,205    4,129
    of which attributable to the
    equity owners of the parent                    3,490    3,545    3,514
    of which non controlling interests               624      660      615
    Total non-current liabilities                  9,712   10,587   10,096
    of which pensions and other
    post-retirement benefits                       4,513    5,090    5,158
    of which long term debt                        3,948    4,112    3,517
    of which other non-current liabilities         1,251    1,385    1,421
    Total current liabilities                      8,911   10,084   10,058
    of which provisions                            1,689    1,858    2,152
    of which short term debt                         413    1,266    1,356
    of which OWC liabilities                       4,952    5,128    4,815
    of which other current liabilities             1,857    1,832    1,735
    Total liabilities and shareholder's equity    22,737   24,876   24,283

Business Commentary


For the first quarter 2011, revenues for the Networks segment were Euro
2.418 billion
, an increase of 25.4% compared to Euro 1.928 billion in the
year-ago quarter and a decrease of 18.1% compared to Euro 2.952 billion in
the fourth quarter 2010. At constant currency exchange rates, Networks
revenues increased 21.9% year-over-year and fell 18.2% sequentially. The
segment posted an adjusted(2) operating(1) profit of Euro 63 million or an
operating margin of 2.6% compared to an adjusted(2) operating(1) loss of Euro
(128) million
or a margin of (6.6)% in the year ago period.

Key Highlights:

- Strong revenue growth continued in the IP division in the first quarter
with an increase of 28.3% from the year-ago quarter to Euro 349 million.
Within the division growth was, once again, driven by the IP/MPLS service
router business, where revenues increased 40% from the year-ago quarter and
nearly doubled their year-ago level in the Americas region. As of the first
quarter, 14 service providers have now deployed Alcatel-Lucent's IP Service
Routers with 100 Gigabit Ethernet. Our IP/MPLS solution was selected for IP
transformation projects by Tunisia's mobile operator Tunisiana and by MTN
Nigeria, and we were selected by KT to deploy a next-generation IP edge
network in Korea. Strong growth also continued in mobile backhaul, with new
wins for our IP/MPLS solution with Telepak Networks and nTelos in the US. Our
leadership in mobile backhaul was confirmed by a new report from Infonetics
Research that named Alcatel-Lucent as the #1 market share leader with 25% of
worldwide Ethernet cell site gateway and router revenue in 2010 and found
that we had widened our #1 lead in the second half of the year. We also
launched the Intelligent Traffic Management solution for mobile operators,
combining real-time network monitoring and analytic tools with automatic
policy control to manage surging data traffic volumes and create flexible,
tiered data service plans.

- Revenues for the Optics division were Euro 654 million, an increase of
15.3% from the year-ago quarter as the second consecutive quarter of 20%
year-over-year growth in the terrestrial business was joined by an increase
in the submarine business - its first since year-over-year growth in our
sub-sea business turned negative in early 2010. Growth was widespread across
the terrestrial business and although it was once again led by our WDM
segment, where revenues increased 40%, it also included double-digit gains in
metro aggregation and optical switching and near double-digit growth in
wireless (microwave) transmission. Our single-carrier 100G coherent WDM
optical transport technology continued to have strong momentum with wins,
ongoing deployments and field trials with operators worldwide, including
Kazakhtelecom for a total of 30+ customer references around the world. In the
submarine business, we were awarded six new contracts. In particular we were
selected to upgrade the Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 4 cable
system and for the deployment of the Vanuatu-Fiji cable system in the South

- Growth in the Wireless division remained very strong as revenues
increased 36.5% from the year-ago quarter to Euro 1.118 billion. Growth was
concentrated in the Americas and was driven largely by our CDMA EV-DO
business, which more than doubled its year-ago level, and by our 4G LTE
business. During the quarter we unveiled lightRadio(TM), our new architecture
for mobile and broadband networks. Telefonica has joined in the lightRadio
co-creation program, a program that Alcatel-Lucent has established with key
telecom industry players to foster the realization of the vision on the next
generation mobile access network based on lightRadio. We also signed a
broader MOU with China Mobile extending our lightRadio collaboration to
jointly explore related mobile networking technologies such as Cloud-based
radio access network. China Mobile also selected Alcatel-Lucent to deploy the
world's largest 4G TD-LTE end-to-end trial network in Shanghai. Also in 4G
LTE, Etisalat selected our end-to-end solution for the first commercial 4G
LTE network deployment in the Middle East, and we completed a field trial of
our 4G LTE solution with nTelos in the US and Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan. We
also demonstrated our IMS-based voice-over-LTE solution. Telecomm New Zealand
and two Chinese operators (subsidiaries of China Mobile and China Telecom)
selected our Wireless Network Guardian for advanced wireless data analytics.
In the area of small cells, we enhanced our portfolio with new products for
high-traffic public spaces, the enterprise and the home, and we were selected
for commercial deployment by Telefonica in Spain, Vodafone in New Zealand and
by Zain for the first small cells trial in Saudi Arabia. We were also
selected by nTelos and by Togo Cellulaire to expand and upgrade their
existing 2G / 3G networks.

- Growth continued in the Wireline division for the second consecutive
quarter, with revenues increasing 3.7% from the year-ago quarter to Euro 309
. Our fixed access business increased at a double-digit rate,
offsetting declines in our legacy TDM switching businesses. Revenue growth
was particularly strong in our fiber access business, where we announced the
industry's first commercially available 10G GPON solution with the latest
release of our ISAM access platform. We were also selected by Chunghwa
Telecom to deploy Taiwan's first GPON network, and by a regional development
consortium to build a fiber-to-the-home network in western Spain. In copper
access, we continue to lead next-generation DSL deployments, with Pakistan's
PTCL using our VDSL2 bonding technology to provide DSL customers with
download speeds up to 50 Mbps over its existing copper infrastructure. In
IMS, we secured six new or extension contracts during the quarter. For
instance, Rostelecom will use our end-to-end solution to migrate their
networks to an IP-based architecture. We also announced a new session border
controller to secure IMS networks.

- Sales of our next-generation Networks products increased 19% from the
year-ago quarter and reached Euro 901 million in the first quarter. This
accounts for 37% of Networks sales.

- The improvement in adjusted operating margin over the year-ago quarter
reflects the positive impact of higher volumes and favorable shifts in
product and geographic sales mix, with particularly strong contributions from
the IP and Wireless divisions.


For the first quarter 2011, revenues for the Applications segment were
Euro 451 million, an increase of 8.4% compared to Euro 416 million in the
year-ago quarter and a decrease of 21.6% compared to Euro 575 million in the
fourth quarter 2010. At constant currency exchange rates, Applications
revenues increased 7.2% year-over-year and decreased 21.2% sequentially. The
segment posted an adjusted(2) operating(1) loss of Euro (15) million or an
operating margin of (3.3)% compared to an adjusted(2) operating(1) loss of
Euro (27) million or a margin of (6.5)% in the year ago period.

Key Highlights

- Network applications revenues of Euro 166 million increased 11.4% from
the year-ago quarter in the first quarter, marking a fourth consecutive
quarter of year-over-year growth. The increase was led by strong growth in
Payment, Digital Media & Advertising, Applications Professional Services
(software customization) and our Motive solution (remote customer
management). During the quarter, STC (Saudi Telecom) selected a Motive
solution to help manage new fiber-based services, and we partnered with
Millicom Ghana to deliver a mobile advertising service. We also extended our
Application Enablement ecosystem to include DeviceAnywhere, which provides
cloud-based mobile testing and monitoring products, to facilitate the testing
and delivery of new carrier-based applications.

- Revenues in our Enterprise applications business increased 5.2% over
the year-ago quarter, reaching Euro 285 million in the first quarter.
Genesys, our contact center solutions business, enjoyed a double-digit
growth, led by new customer wins in APAC and in the Americas and the strong
growth of its offerings in adjacent markets such as Intelligent Workload
Distribution (iWD), Work Force Optimization (WFO) and Analytics. Data
networks grew at a high single digit-growth rate with sales of the Omniswitch
10k, the company's new high capacity switch, off to a great start to the
year. Finally, our voice telephony business grew at a low single digit rate.
Three key new solutions were announced during the quarter, including (1)
OpenTouch(TM), a next-generation SIP-based Communications Server for the
enterprise voice market (2) MyIC phone, a high-end multimedia touch screen
"smart deskphone" also based on SIP and open to 3rd party software
applications and (3) the Omniswitch 6900, a 10-gigabit Ethernet Top of Rack
switch designed to expand our offering in the data center space.

- The increase in adjusted operating margin in the Applications segment
in the first quarter was due to improvements in both the Network and
Enterprise applications units that were driven by higher volumes and expense


For the first quarter 2011, revenues for the Services segment were Euro
809 million
, an increase of 4.8% compared to Euro 772 million in the year-ago
quarter and a decline of 29.0% compared to Euro 1.140 billion in the fourth
quarter 2010. At constant currency exchange rates, Services revenues
increased 2.6% year-over-year and declined 28.6% sequentially. The segment
posted an adjusted(2) operating(1) loss of Euro (21) million or (2.6)% of
revenues compared to a loss of Euro (40) million or (5.2)% in the year ago

Key Highlights:

- Revenues in our Managed and Outsourcing Solutions business increased at
a single-digit rate in the first quarter, with growth across all regions.
During the quarter, we signed a number of contracts for new roll-outs and
project extensions in the EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions.

- In the Network and Systems Integration (NSI) business, revenues
increased at a near 30% rate for the second consecutive quarter with
continued strong growth in orders. Revenue growth was particularly strong in
the Americas driven by network transformation projects, and in the
Asia-Pacific region driven by strategic industries. Elsewhere, our NSI unit
will provide a comprehensive range of services, such as consulting, network
design and integration services to the Etisalat 4G LTE deployment and the
Zain small cells trial.

- The end market we define as "Strategic Industries" (including
transportation, energy, and the public sector) continued as a source of
strong revenue growth for the Services segment in the first quarter,
particularly for our Network and Systems Integration business. During the
quarter we announced that we are working with IBM to deploy a smart rail
monitoring solution for Swiss Federal Railways, and that we are the primary
network integrator for the trial of a new integrated communications system
with NJ Transit - the largest statewide transportation system in the US. We
are also providing maintenance, integration and other professional services
as part of a public utility metering upgrade we are deploying for the PECO
utility in Pennsylvania.

- In our Maintenance business, there was a small increase in maintenance
of Alcatel-Lucent products more than offset by a double-digit decline in
multi-vendor maintenance driven primarily by negotiated scope changes with
selected customers, resulting in a small decline from the year-ago quarter in
our overall Maintenance revenues.

- The improvement in adjusted operating margin from the year-ago quarter
is due largely to expense reduction actions and improved execution

Alcatel-Lucent will host a press and analyst conference at its
headquarters at 1:00 p.m. CET which can be followed through audio webcast at


Adjusted and reported figures are unaudited. Reported figures have been
subject to a limited review and the report is in the process of being issued.

1- Operating income (loss) is the Income (loss) from operating activities
before restructuring costs, impairment of assets, gain (loss) on disposals of
consolidated entities, litigations and post-retirement benefit plan

2- "Adjusted" refers to the fact that it excludes the main impacts from
Lucent's purchase price allocation (See next page for detailed information).

3- "Operating cash flow" is defined as cash flow after changes in working
capital and before interest/tax paid, restructuring cash outlay and pension &
OPEB cash outlay

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intellectual property rights and exposure to infringement claims by others;
compliance with environmental, health and safety laws; the economic situation
in general (including exchange rate fluctuations) and uncertainties in
Alcatel-Lucent's customers' businesses in particular; control of costs and
expenses; conditions and growth rates in the telecommunications industry; and
the impact of each of these factors on sales and income. For a more complete
list and description of such risks and uncertainties, refer to
Alcatel-Lucent's Annual Report on Form 20-F for the year ended December 31,
, as well as other filings by Alcatel-Lucent with the US Securities and
Exchange Commission. Except as required under the US federal securities laws
and the rules and regulations of the US Securities and Exchange Commission,
Alcatel-Lucent disclaims any intention or obligation to update any
forward-looking statements after the distribution of this presentation,
whether as a result of new information, future events, developments, changes
in assumptions or otherwise.

    Adjusted Proforma Results

    In Euro million except for EPS                            Q1-2011
    (unaudited)                                  As reported PPA  Adjusted

    Revenues                                             3,740         3,740
    Cost of sales (a)                                   (2,386)       (2,386)
    Gross Profit                                         1,354     0   1,354
    Administrative and selling expenses (b)               (746)   30    (716)
    Research and Development costs (c)                    (663)   38    (625)
    Operating income (loss) (1)                            (55)   68      13
    Restructuring costs                                    (31)          (31)
    Impairment of assets                                     0             0
    Post-retirement benefit plan amendment                  69            69
    Litigations                                              4             4
    Gain/(loss) on disposal of consolidated entities         4             4
    Income (loss) from operating activities                 (9)   68      59
    Financial result (net)                                  17     0      17
    Share in net income(losses) of equity affiliates         0             0
    Income tax benefit (expense) (d)                       (12)  (26)    (38)
    Income (loss) from continuing operations                (4)   42      38
    Income (loss) from discontinued activities              (1)           (1)
    Net Income (loss)                                       (5)   42      37
    of which : Equity owners of the parent                 (10)   42      32
    Non-controlling interests                                5             5
    Earnings per share : basic                           (0.00)         0.01
    Earnings per share : diluted                         (0.00)         0.01

(1) Income (loss) from operating activities before restructuring costs,
impairment of assets, gain / (loss) on disposal of consolidated entities,
litigations and post-retirement benefit plan amendment

Corresponds to the measure of operating income (loss) of the segments
(refer to note 5 of the consolidated financial statements at March 31, 2011).

PPA : Purchase Price Allocation entries related to Lucent business

Nature of PPA - non cash amortization charges included in Reported
Accounts but excluded from Adjusted Accounts (cf. Note 3 to our Consolidated
Financial Statements as of December 31, 2009)

These impacts are non recurring due to the different amortization periods
depending of the nature of the adjustments, as indicated herefater.

(a) Depreciation of the reevaluation to fair value of productive tangible

(b) Amortization of intangibles assets - long term customer relationship
(5-8 years)

(c) Amortization of intangibles assets : Acquired technologies (5-10
years) and In Process R&D (5-7 years)

(d) Normative tax impact at 39% on above PPA adjustments excluding
goodwill impairment

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