Another 3 White Labels to the SpotOption Portfolio

By Spotoption Ltd., PRNE
Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NICOSIA, Cyprus, November 2, 2011 -

Leading Binary Options Platform Providers, SpotOption Ltd., announce partnership with WinOptions, Binoa, and OBOption

Online operators who were able to predict the potential in the Binary Options industry are now enjoying the rewards of a profitable and growing business.  However, as attractive as the binary options model is, an operator needs to partner with the right platform provider in order to succeed in the business.  SpotOption Ltd. has proven success through the growing success of their brands, and those operators who had used other platform providers have realized that SpotOption is that provider with the technology and expertise necessary in order to thrive in the business.

Amongst those are WinOptions, OBOptions, and Binoa, who have most recently converted into SpotOption labels.  This move will allow them to benefit from SpotOption’s unrivaled Risk Management solution, first class service, and unique profit maximizing features, such as Option Builder, One Touch, ProTrader, 60 Seconds, and of course, the iPhone application as well.  Additionally, as SpotOption is solely a B2B operation, and does not own a label of its own, the labels do not have to compete with their providers as has become acceptable in the industry.  

WinOptions, OBOptions, and Binoa, along with the 60 other labels, cover the world-wide market, and bring more awareness and demand for binary options.  When asked how SpotOption has practically become the only choice for providing Binary Options platforms, Pini Peter (founder of SpotOption) responds, “I think the fact that we’ve concentrated solely on providing the perfect, complete B2B solution for Binary Options, and have not strayed from Binary Options, is what has made our product unmatchable.  Not spreading yourself thin is imperative in the online business, and focusing on one industry, and providing the latest trends and products for that one industry, is how you become a world-wide name.”  When asked about labels moving from the competition to SpotOption, Peter replies, “I don’t think too much about the competition.  I just remember that our labels are our partners and first priority, and our success depends on their success.  I guess that formula is what has brought us this far.”  

Tammy Levy
Director of Marketing
T:. +357-24-022455.


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