IQPC Launches Brand New Event: Player Retention Strategies for Online Gaming

By Iqpc, PRNE
Sunday, June 26, 2011

LONDON, June 27, 2011 -


With the iGaming business growing, the topic of player retention
and customer management is top priority for industry leaders. As
competition increases, there is a great need for online gaming
companies to reinvigorate player bases and keep their customers

In an interview Michael Braga, Founder of the Motive Marketing
Services Company, explored why a player focus is so important:
“Operators are giving the player too rich an expectation that they
cannot deliver on. For example, a big offer: wagering restrictions,
withdrawal restrictions, terms and conditions, so…operators tend
to out-beat each other and outperform each other and start to groom
players to expect more and more free cash, by engaging in free cash
wars, both in advertising and in their retention promotions.”

Chris Wesson, Founder of Little Star Media, also outlined the
importance of player retention in a recent interview with IQPC,
which was conducted in the build-up to the Player Retention
Strategies for Online Gaming Summit. Wesson explained:

“The focus of this whole conference is correct. It’s about how
essentially to make more money out of your players on your database
and how to extend the lifetime, and I think that is a very key

Wesson continued “As an affiliate we’re seeing that the average
player value is a little bit lower than it used to be and all
working together and focussing around what we can do to extend the
lifetime of players is a very sensible approach.”

IQPC’s Player Retention Strategies for Online Gaming Summit is
taking place in London on the 19th and 20th July and is the only
event designed to enable customer experience professionals to
improve customer service efficiency, boost player confidence,
retain and increase player lifetime values.

The interviews with Michael Braga and Chris Wesson are available
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