Atalasoft Previews New Social Media Solution for SharePoint 2010 Content Specific Micro Blogging

By Atalasoft, PRNE
Monday, October 25, 2010

EASTHAMPTON, Massachusetts, October 26, 2010 - Atalasoft, a provider of solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, is providing
a sneak peek of Vizit Social eXchange for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
2010, at this week's DMS event in Germany.

Vizit Social eXchange fills an important gap in SharePoint 2010's social
media platform by enabling micro-blogging about specific content. Vizit
Social eXchange utilizes the SharePoint collaborative workspace as a forum
for sharing thoughts and ideas about content, enabling organizations to let
their content/knowledge base become a catalyst for innovation and growth.
Vizit Social eXchange moves SharePoint 2010 closer to a complete Enterprise
2.0 solution.

"We noticed the SharePoint Notes infrastructure seemed to be targeted
towards status updates," said Paul Yantus, President of Atalasoft. "We felt
there was really no good solution for simply having a dialog about the
content in the repository." Yantus continued, "It's not unusual to read an
analyst report and agree with 90% of it - Vizit Social eXchange allows users
to highlight the other 10% and share a different view. More importantly,
Vizit Social eXchange engages the entire workgroup around new thoughts and
ideas, truly accelerating collaboration and innovation."


The Vizit Social eXchange for SharePoint 2010 is being demonstrated at
DMS in Germany. Atalasoft plans to release and ship Vizit Social eXchange in
the 4th quarter of 2010.

About Atalasoft

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