Plastipak Announces Successful Commercialization of its ThermoShape(TM) Lightweight Hot-Fill Technology

By Plastipak Holdings Inc., PRNE
Monday, October 25, 2010

PLYMOUTH, Michigan, October 26, 2010 - Plastipak Packaging, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Plastipak
Holdings, Inc., is pleased to announce that it has successfully
commercialized its breakthrough ThermoShape(TM) lightweight hot-fill
technology. The first ThermoShape(TM) integrated high-speed blow and fill
complete packaging line went into commercial operation this month at Al Ain
Mineral Water Company, a beverage subsidiary of Abu Dhabi (United Arab
) based Agthia Group. Agthia is a leading Gulf Cooperation Council
(GCC) area food and beverage manufacturer. A second ThermoShape(TM) line is
scheduled to begin commercial operation at a beverage manufacturer in France
by the end of 2010.

Plastipak's Director of Technology Integration, Jean-Guy Delage, said:
"ThermoShape(TM) technology offers several significant advantages over
alternative packaging options for the global non-refrigerated, high
acid-sensitive beverage and food market segments, which include beverages
such as 100% fruit and vegetable juice and juice drinks, non carbonated soft
drinks, ready-to-drink (RTD) teas, flavored waters and functional drinks."
Specifically, he cited:

    - Hot-Fill is a Proven Technology that is low-risk and requires less
      capital investment than aseptic filling and avoids the use of
      preservatives which are rapidly falling out of favor with consumers
    - Lightweight Bottle: ThermoShape(TM) enables food and beverage producers
      to use existing hot-fill process lines, but with the additional benefit
      of converting to lighter weight, unbreakable PET packaging - the first
      Al Ain ThermoShape(TM) bottle will be more than 30% lighter than a
      typical PET hot-fill bottle of similar volume.
    - Design Freedom: Because ThermoShape(TM) technology eliminates the need
      for the vacuum panels and other vacuum-resistant features required by
      conventional PET hot-fill processes, producers have greater freedom to
      design attractive, eye-catching packages.
    - Load Resistance: Bottles produced and filled using the ThermoShape(TM)
      process have slightly positive internal pressure, providing superior
      vertical load resistance for packaging and distribution.
    - Extended Shelf-Life without Deformation: Using Plastipak's patented
      technology, ThermoShape(TM) bottles can achieve shelf life of up to 12
      months at ambient temperature without bottle deformation due to
      standard loss of oxygen in the bottle headspace and water loss through
      bottle PET walls.

Initial production at Al Ain is for a 25-gram, 500-milliliter bottle with
a 38-millimeter finish for a juice package. The flexibility of the line will
allow for later expansion to produce 250-millimeter and 1-liter bottles.
Fasahat Beg, General Manager of Al Ain Water commented that "this investment
will enable us to enter value added beverage segments such as sports drinks
and juices, while using at least 30% less PET than the existing 'hot fill'
bottling lines in the market. This in turn means delivery on both cost and
energy savings for the company and further demonstrates our corporate social
responsibility commitment of reducing our environmental impact." Commenting
further, Agthia CEO, Ilias Assimakopoulos said: "Al Ain Water's investment in
the new first class ThermoShape(TM) technology will enable Agthia to advance
further in line with its product diversification strategy . In addition, this
investment is an added confirmation of our commitment to continuously deliver
innovative high quality products to our customers."

The line was designed, commissioned, and installed by Plastipak, and
features globally patented, in-line heat-based reshaping of bottles after
they are hot-filled. Delage added "because of its innovative design, the
ThermoShape(TM) system easily fits into a small footprint space, allowing
existing glass or plastic hot-fill lines to seamlessly convert to the
ThermoShape(TM) system." Plastipak or its network of approved partners can
supply specially-designed bottles or pre-forms, as well as all other
necessary consulting services for packaging design and manufacturing thus
offering producers a true complete solution for the "sensitive" beverage and
food segments.

Plastipak will next exhibit the system at Emballage 2010 in Paris on
November 22-25.

Plastipak Packaging, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Plastipak
Holdings, Inc., is a world leader in the design and manufacture of
high-quality, rigid plastic containers for the food, beverage, and consumer
products industries. Plastipak operates more than twenty plants in the United
, South America and Europe, with a total of over 4000 employees. Its
customers include some of the world's most respected and recognized consumer
brands. Plastipak is also a leading innovator in the packaging industry,
holding more than 300 patents for its state-of-the-art package designs and
manufacturing processes. In addition, Plastipak licenses various packaging
technologies around the world, including its breakthrough ThermoShape(TM)
technology for the lightweighting and reshaping of blow-molded plastic
containers. Plastipak was founded in 1967, and is headquartered in Plymouth,
. Additional information about Plastipak can be found at its website

Questions regarding commercial opportunities for this technology should be directed to Jean-Guy Delage, +33-0-6-82-88-07-00, JDelage at Plastipak.Eu

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