Atmel Introduces the AT697F Radiation-Hardened SPARC V8 Processor for Space Missions

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Monday, July 20, 2009

SAN JOSE, California -

Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced today a new radiation-hardened SPARC(R) processor for space applications, the AT697 Revision F delivering 90 MIPs at 100 MHz over full temperature and voltage ranges for only 0.7W.

Atmel’s Unrivalled Flight Heritage

With more than 1600 flight models of its predecessor, the TSC695E, sold around the world, Atmel has an unrivalled flight heritage on this SPARC V7 processor version. The AT697 Revision E was the first version of a SPARC V8 processor and has proven its computing power efficiency of 90 MIPs. It exhibits the following radiation performance characteristics:

– Total dose tested up to 100 Krad — SEU and SET induced error rate better than 10(-5) errors/device/day in worst case conditions — No single event latch up below a LET threshold of 95 @ 125 degrees C

The AT697E has demonstrated the capabilities of the SPARC V8 and more than 100 flight models will be delivered this year.

AT697F Fully Radiation-Hardened Processor

The AT697 Revision F is the fully radiation-hardened ultimate version achieving 100 MHz operation for only 0.7W with radiation performance of:

– Total dose tested up to 300 Krad — Extremely reliable against Single Event Upset and Transient (SEU and SET induced error rate better than 10(-5) errors/device/day) — No single event latch-up below a LET threshold of 95 @ 125 degrees C

The design is based on the European Space Agency (ESA) LEON2-FT (Fault Tolerant) model and includes the latest techniques of radiation hardening by design including Full Triple Modular Redundancy, EDAC and parity bit protections. The European Space Agency has supported the design of this product.

With its 90 MIPs (Dhrystone 2.1) and 23 MFlops (Whetstone) high performance, the AT697F offers the industry’s best computing power efficiency of 150 MIPs per Watt. The AT697F is software compatible with the other Atmel space SPARC processors and has drastically improved the SDRAM interface efficiency, running at up to 90 MHz.

With up to 10 million gate ASICs, re-programmable FPGAs, SRAM, EEPROM and SpaceWire products (all radiation-hardened), Atmel remains the unrivaled leader of the past, current and future radiation-hardened processors for space applications.

Availability and Pricing

Samples of the AT697F are available in a MCGA349 package as well as in a MQFPF256 package. The AT697F package versions are pin out compatible with those of the AT697E.

The AT697F engineering models, in all package versions, are available now. The AT697F processor flight models will be delivered and tested to QML Q&V and ESCC quality flows in December 2009.

Request for a quote can be obtained from the regional Atmel Sales Office or through the Atmel website (

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