Roke Extends Electronic Warfare Capability with TriQuad System

By Roke Manor Research Ltd, PRNE
Thursday, May 6, 2010

ROMSEY, England, May 7, 2010 - Roke Manor Research today launches the latest addition to its RESOLVE
electronic warfare suite. The TriQuad system will extend the capability of
Roke's lightweight man-portable solution by providing dismounted soldiers
with a high accuracy DF (direction finding) capability for HF, VHF and UHF

The TriQuad system is comprised of two antenna elements which when
deployed together provide complete coverage between 2MHz to 3GHz.
Alternatively, each antenna can be used separately to suit the frequency
coverage required for the mission profile. This modular approach gives the
end-user the capability to deploy only the equipment required at the time,
whilst still maintaining the potential for full coverage if circumstances
rapidly change.

Gavin O'Connell, EW Operations Manager at Roke, said: "Roke is focused
on maximising flexibility and functionality for troops in the field, and the
development of TriQuad reinforces our position as a leading developer of
electronic warfare equipment. For many dismounted troops the field of
operation changes quickly. Electronic warfare operations in today's battle
space therefore require intuitive, lightweight and rapidly deployable manpack
systems to effectively monitor the diverse tactical environment."


RESOLVE is a modular and scalable electronic warfare (EW) system for the
intercept and geolocation of communications. RESOLVE offers users a flexible
EW solution to exploit a wide band of communications. Its modular design
allows a single RESOLVE node to be re-deployed in the field to meet a variety
of mission profiles:

    - A light manpack configuration for operations on-the-march
    - Tripod mounted for semi-static discreet operations
    - On/integrated into mobile platforms for on-the-move operations.

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About Roke

Roke is behind some of the most innovative technology in the defence
sector. Working in collaboration with government agencies, consortia and
industrial partners, it has a long track record of responding to changing
operational requirements by developing and delivering battle-winning defence
solutions. Roke is situated in Hampshire, UK and employs over 450 people with
an annual turnover of approximately GBP45 million.

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