Aviva First to Replace Industry Standard Pen and Paper Based on-Site Notetaking With Tablet Technology

By Formicary Collaboration Group, PRNE
Monday, December 12, 2011

LONDON, December 14, 2011 -

Aviva Risk Management Solutions embarks on ‘industry first’ digitisation programme with Formicary Collaboration Group and Float to bring new efficiencies to risk management processes

Aviva Risk Management Solutions is piloting a new digitisation programme to streamline its risk assessment processes. The SOLAR PlayBook project - which is the first of its kind in the industry - will see Aviva’s risk assessment team replace pen and paper assessment processes with Blackberry PlayBooks pre-loaded with a bespoke risk assessment application.  Developed by Formicary Collaboration Group, a leading provider of real-time team collaboration solutions, and Float, a digital ideas company, the programme aims to bring new efficiencies to its risk assessment teams, improve reporting to underwriters and reduce customer resolution times.

The SOLAR PlayBook App enables Aviva’s 120 risk advisers, who make technical risk assessments of commercial premises across the UK, to process this information on site.  This removes the need for the adviser to return to their desk before assessments can be processed, leaving them free to move on to the next customer.

Aviva drew up the specification for a bespoke risk assessment digital application app in recognition of the time-saving benefits that processing and submitting reports while on site could bring.  It was required to operate on Aviva’s tablet of choice, the Blackberry PlayBook; work off-line in commercial properties where online connectivity is not always available; accommodate the entire assessment process end-to-end and allow images to be embedded in the report.  It also needed to be attractive to risk assessors accustomed to using paper-based reporting methods and easy to use to encourage its adoption.

Aviva reviewed a number of solution providers before selecting Formicary Collaboration Group and Float to provide the content processing and user interface elements of the app respectively. Formicary and Float worked with Aviva’s risk advisers to understand their level of IT competency; how they conduct surveys and interact with customers; and identify areas where improvements could be made.  

The resulting app makes the process of recording survey data easy through a layout that is intuitive to navigate and complete. Forms consisting of text entry, selectable options and sliders are used to enter the core data.  There are additional options to make free-form notes and take photos that can be embedded in the final report to underwriters.

Paul Heybourne, senior project manager with Aviva, comments,

“Of the solution providers we considered, Formicary and Float were the only ones with Blackberry PlayBook expertise. Additionally, the two companies have proven expertise working together on other similar projects.  By taking the time to understand how our assessors operate, Formicary and Float have created an app which doesn’t just meet the original IT specification but which will positively impact the bottom line of Aviva’s risk assessment business.  It brings improved workload management to our advisers, faster resolution times to our customers and higher calibre reporting for our underwriters.  Additionally, the sophistication of the app is raising our customers’ perception of Aviva, helping strengthen our positioning as a market leading, innovative company.”

Ted Kenrick, Technical and Risk Solutions Manager, Aviva Risk Management Solutions, adds,

“Aviva is continually assessing how emerging technology can make the business more efficient and effective. This new app will bring substantial time savings to the organisation as completing assessments digitally on site eliminates the duplication of effort needed when transferring hand-written site notes onto computer for processing.  Customer service times improve and our team can focus on helping customers reduce the risks to their business.”  

A select number of Aviva risk advisers are piloting the programme in Winter 2011 ahead of an evaluation and expected full roll-out in early 2012.  

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