Bahrain’s Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission Condemns Threats Against Candidates in Upcoming Elections

By Kingdom Of Bahrain, PRNE
Saturday, August 27, 2011

MANAMA, Bahrain, August 28, 2011 -

The President of Bahrain’s Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission, Judge Abdulla Hassan Ahmed al Buainain, condemned recent threats against candidates standing in the upcoming special elections scheduled for September.

“Progress in our country is contingent on a strong democratic process. Bahrain’s September elections are an important opportunity for all Bahrainis to contribute to the future of our country in a meaningful fashion, whether by running for public office or by casting votes. We commend all candidates who have put their names forward to serve the Bahraini people,” Judge Al Buainain said.

“Like all democracies around the world, Bahrain cannot and will not tolerate threats of violence against candidates and voters seeking to exercise their democratic rights. Protesting is a protected right in Bahrain, but we cannot abide threats to candidates’ personal safety.”

Special elections are scheduled to take place September 24 in Bahrain to fill the 18 seats in the 40-seat legislature vacated following the resignation of opposition members of parliament during the unrest in February and March 2011.

Bahrain has a history of conducting fair and open elections that have been monitored by independent observers. The government has recently embarked on a series of political, social and economic reforms that were created by citizen groups during the country’s National Dialogue held this summer.

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